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  1. Both ISF - and Silver. 2009 and 2012 with BCA 2009 at Paddock Wood Kent 2012 at Enfieid North London They have just come through on my email notification and are under the hammer today. The 2012 was the car at Lexus Sidcup the 2009 has minor damage to front lower bumper Be interesting to see if they get sold and how long it takes for them to appear on AT and ebay
  2. I'm sure he sold his F cars, so may not be on here as often as he was.
  3. I'm not a convertible type of guy, but my wife would love it! I do really like the styling of the body, not so sure about the wheels!
  4. Just looking at the Yuasa YBX5068 - 4 yr warranty 75ah and 650 cca £80 delivered
  5. It looks like a 2009MY model as it does not have the blue flash of leather to the steering wheel. If it is a late 2009 it wont have the torsen diff, if that matters to you. It may not have the hard drive system for the Nav and storage for your music. Personally non of those would put me off. Mesa Red is a great colour in the metal 👍
  6. Thanks Colin I have put it on recon on my C-TEK MXS 5 charger. Will see how it fairs after a full charge.
  7. Car was parked on the drive today when the alarm went off. When I tried to open the door,key in pocket, it wouldn't open. Alarm kept going off much to the amusement of my family and next doors son 😀 Eventually after about 5mins I got into the car and the battery was flat ! The car was last driven on Wednesday and covered about 60miles. It has previously stood for weeks without being used and I have not had an issue with it starting. The alarm has also not gone off before. Any clues as to what the issue might be ?
  8. Agreed, his review of the GSF was also brilliant - best US / Canadian reviewer on the tube.
  9. As the car has been parked for a longer period than I have driven it 😔 I have noticed some things I have not seen in any reviews. The top 3 are The Interior & mirror puddle lights come on as you approach the car in the dark without having to unlock it. The bonnet is aluminium and the outside vertical face of the boot lid is a fibreglass or composite material The hands free voice command is not bad for a 10yr old car.
  10. They make this with a remote control unit, so you can adjust on the move if you want too
  11. Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven . Beautiful piece of music
  12. Visual Checks plus Oil & Filter . Wash & Hoover 😀 How much GP do you reckon they make on this ? Lexus - intermediate Service Summary 0518.pdf
  13. Well Saturday came and went and right knee was too painful for driving. Today however was different and took the car down to Camber Sands 😀 Some lovely stretches of road and it was nice to have that sunroof on tilt 😀 Such an effortless car to drive and instant shove when needing to move along at pace. Nothing in my book sounds as good as a NA V8 Had these sunglasses for about 3 years, long before I thought about a ISF - think they suit the car perfectly !
  14. Not a great start 😔 - Drive back home was uneventful, M23 - M25 and then lanes. Parked car on drive and went in front door. Dog wanted to go out, so opened back door and let him out. As I went to follow I tripped over a low level flood barrier, both wrists and knees took full impact of fall onto brickwork. Upshot was that both knees swollen to size of large oranges and have been unable to get about much till today. Nothing broken just swelling and stiffness. The plan is to see how knees are on Saturday, if ok then I should be able to get to use it 😀
  15. Good experience with them on my quote. Tom was knowledgable and gave me various options on cover. Had last used them in 2015 and they still had my details on file.
  16. Thanks guys, forecast for tomorrow is looking good so should have a nice drive back home. Might even get to crack open that sunroof 😀
  17. Both the white £27k and the red £22.5k isf cars are both still for sale. The red car is just not on AT at the moment. I did try and buy the red car, but the company have a stupid 'fixed price' policy and even mentioning that it has been on the market for 18 mnths+ falls on deaf ears. They maintain they check prices weekly and are 'highly competitive' - go figure 🤔
  18. Yep, the white one for 27 and no wood, I think your right, they cut & pasted from a different model. Lazy practise 😀
  19. Did Lexus ever offer wood trim on the late ISF ? Lexus Croydon have a late 2011 ISF - no pictures yet and it states on the blurb that it has wood and carbon trim ?
  20. ^ Tell me about it 😑 Private seller, 40mins late for appointment, car was filthy inside and out, no service book, drivers door pocket missing, out of fuel and washer bottle light on, boot full of mud & leaves from golf clubs, all four wheels needed refurb, two front tyres required and a rub on the rear bumper. White leather interior was filthy from gods knows what. No surprise it's still for sale. 🙄
  21. My understanding is that a local scrote nicked it and was after a £2.5k ransom to return it, hence the videos he was posting. If the car was nicked to order, it would be long gone by now. The owner only got the car in November and I guess he was targeted once the little bar steward found out where he lived. I see from the video it has gained a dent in the rear bumper. If thats all thats wrong t can be fixed. Odd that the police haven't picked it up yet.
  22. Thanks Glynn / Lee I knew the option wheels could be swapped side to side, didn't know about the bladed wheels, makes sense now 👍