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  1. On an iPhone, you must have the personal hotspot enabled for this to happen which has two consequences (1) It drains the battery rapidly if not connected to a power source (2) The iPhone will not connect to a home network - or any other known WiFi network - whilst the Personal Hotspot is switched on and therefore consume data should you wish to surf the internet when sat in front of the telly (for example). I haven't tried it in my new Lexus but don't think that a simple bluetooth connection to the iPhone will allow the car's SatNav to use the internet. Thank you for the reply though Colin.
  2. I'm with you there Tel - not managed to see the fuse box which this cover actually came off yet and to be honest, if it is that difficult to see, there is no way that I am crawling about trying to replace any blown fuses in there!. The 'What 3 Words' app mentioned by Herbie sounds very interesting and something I will look into but I suspect I will use my iPhone in the majority of cases like Tel. Must say, I was VERY surprised about the lack of connectivity with this car given its place in the market. We also have a Nissan Leaf in the family which knows where it is and can tell us, allows us to remotely sound the horn and switch on the lights as well as a host of other features. It seems a shame that I have to use a third party phone app to locate the car when it is parked in an unfamiliar area and am now looking to buy and fit a separate WiFi dongle to plug into the LEXUS so that the SatNav can determine traffic conditions and warn me of safety cameras without me having to have my phone set up to provide a "Personal Hotspot" every time we go out. (Please let me know if I have that wrong and I have failed to understand how the SatNav works). On the fuse box cover matter - consensus of opinion, (apart from the sales executive who I bought the car from) agrees with me. Thank you.
  3. I found what is shown in the photograph, in my glove box when I got home from picking up my brand new car - any idea what it is? The photograph shows what appears to be a fuse box cover taken from both sides but my dealer says it is a box for holding fuses .... I don't believe them as it is clearly not a box! I had a dash cam fitted before I collected the car and am wondering whether the technicican failed to put this cover back. Thing is, I don't have a clue where it may have come from. Second question ... how is the "Find my car" feature on the Lexus Link app supposed to work? I told the app of my car's location to start with but I was expecting (a) for it to know already and (b) to show me automatically where the car happens to be whenever it goes out. All a bit stumped at the moment 😞 Thank you Alan
  4. Sheesh! You’re not kidding - not exactly like assembling a piece of Ikea furniture is it? (Although the style of the instructions is similar 😊). Think I have made the right decision in getting it factory fitted. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Thank you both (above) for the replies. Before the towbar disappeared from the "Build your car" thing on the LEXUS website sometime over the last weekend, I recall that its price was £650 for both the 7 pin connector and the 13 pin one which I need. The photo posted by pobrown it certainly appears that there has been a massive price hike over the last year. As for being "sure" that the towbar is factory fitted in Japan, I can only go with what my dealer tells me. As for the price for fitting when the car is over here, I assume that the layout figure - amounting to £500 is derived from a LEXUS computer system which specifies the time taken for various jobs - in this case dealer fitting of a part which retails at £650. I have no real alternative but to trust the dealership to be honest - this will be my first LEXUS having been a loyal MAZDA man for something like 28 years. (I am replacing one Mazda and keeping my MX5).
  6. Thank you. Got a reply back from the dealer just now. To have the towbar fitted at the factory is £650 - and this takes the list price to just over the £40K VED mark but to have it fitted by the dealer is a whopping £1150! All down to the fact that they have to remove a lot of the back end in order to do the job and then of course put it back again. Somewhere in the order of 5 hours labour. Kept the order as a factory fitted accessory - will cost me more in the long run with road tax after the second year of ownership but I would prefer the car to be delivered to me without anybody - no matter how competent - having taken it to pieces first!
  7. I have just placed an order for an NX - standard model with Premium Pack and Panoramic roof. I also asked for a towbar despite it disappearing as an accessory from the Lexus website "build an NX" pages. As this is a genuine factory fitted accessory, I am assuming that the wiring harness and electronics will disable the rear parking sensors when anything is attached to the towbar - is this a reasonable assumption? At the moment, I have a third party fitted towbar to my current car, (not a LEXUS), and whenever I load my Thule ebike carrier onto the back of the car and put it into reverse, not surprisingly the rear parking sensors start beeping away and I am hoping that with genuine LEXUS parts, this will not happen. On the same subject, the factory fitted option at £650 takes my car above the £40K list price figure and will cost me an extra £310 in road tax compared to not specifying this on my new car order - makes it a very expensive towbar! Can such towbars be fitted by the dealer after the car has been bought? (Can't think why not although there may be some reason for such things being specified as factory fitted).
  8. Thank you - fair comment and the same conclusion that I arrived at ... eventually! Seems that you have to move from left to right with the builder, selecting colour first, then wheels, interior, options and finally, accessories. However, if you skip to, (in my case), options and then select "premium pack", you can go back to interior and get more choice. No worries - but a wee bit confusing and misleading. What is NOW a puzzle is that the towbar accessory no longer appears to be available to me - and it was a couple of days ago! My order has been placed but I wanted to look at the spec of the towbar - if such is available - to confirm that it would be OK for my two bike carrier and my two eBikes. Ho humm! I have sent an Email to the salesman who dealt with my order. Thank you for the response
  9. After much thought, several trips to the local Lexus dealer as well as to other car dealers, we finally put down a deposit on a new NX with Premium pack and panoramic roof - phew! Slight disappointment though - using the "build your Lexus" thing on the website, we came down to a combination of Mesa Red exterior paintwork and a Tahara interior in Dark Rose which pops up as an option once the Premium Pack has been selected. However, "not possible" we were told by the dealership. Ok then, we will stump up the extra and go for the Deep Rose leather option instead .... nope, that isn't an option either :-( . So it is down to a black interior in Tahara - didn't trust ourselves to keep the nice White Ochre interior as clean as it looks when brand new! We were told that Lexus will not permit certain colour combinations which seemed odd to us as they are building this car to order - does it really make any difference Lexus what coloured trim they use for our car? Interested to learn whether anybody else has come across this or is it just a silly choice on our part and Lexus are saving us from ourselves in the bad taste league table?
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!