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  1. Ok guys, thanks again for your guidance. I think I'll take the NX off my wish list. I had high expectations I guess. I bought a new Lexus 400h back in 2006 and the performance was excellent. Loved that car. I guess I was expecting the same from the slightly smaller NX. There are a lot of new hybrids coming onto the market in the next couple of years so I'll hang onto the money for a while and see what turns up. You've been a great help, Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Ed I'm not one for law breaking and I've never been fined, cautioned or in any accidents in my 50 years of driving. However if someone is toddling along at 40mph on a clear A road then passing is an option. Sooner or later a queue builds up and somebody tries to pass 6 cars at once and that's far more dangerous in my opinion. I don't know what a VAG DSG gearbox is. The TT has a "Tiptronic" automatic gearbox (with flappy paddles that I never use) and some kind of "double-clutch" (whatever that is). Anyway, it's amazingly quick. I don't think it's humanly possible to manually get through the gears as fast as this thing does. Anyway, I'm getting the impression that the NX probably won't work for my driving style.
  3. Thank you all for your comments! I'm still undecided though. Back to my original questions: "Is it necessary to switch to sport mode when passing? Is there a difference in acceleration when using sport mode?" Still doesn't seem clear though. I'm not going to buy the car if it's dangerous to attempt to pass. Based on my test drive I wouldn't even attempt it. i-S asked where I was coming from... At the moment I have an Audi TT roadster with an automatic Tiptronic gear box (which encourages passing at warp speed), a motorbike, and an old 2005 Toyota RAV4 2 litre manual (which also feels quicker than the NX that I tested). Does anybody have a figure on how long it takes to get from 40 mph to 70 mph? Thanks again!
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. I'm seriously considering buying an NX but I'm concerned about performance. During a test drive I tried to accelerate as if passing another car but the car didn't seem all that interested. I realised after the test drive that I was in normal drive mode and not sport mode. Is it necessary to switch to sport mode when passing? Is there a difference in acceleration when using sport mode?