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  1. Thanks so much for the reply John, I think I’ll start looking for some now. I’ve seen plenty of posts suggesting the SE L but the SE L vs F sport which is better? Or is it more personal preference?
  2. That looks awesome. How much did the hydro dipping cost?
  3. I am yet to join the ranks of an official Lexus owner as I am currently still a smart car owner 😓. Just deciding whether to get a pre 09 or a post 09. any help would be appreciated
  4. I found this site whilst doing my research on is250s
  5. Hi guys, I am new here and I am looking to start my journey as a Lexus owner with the Is 250. But I am unsure of which model to get. All the pre 2009 models I can find are a decent price around £5k for 60k miles and the post 2009 are around 7 - 8k for around the same mileage. My question is what is the difference problem wise? I am aware that the post 09 model has changes such as wing mirror indicators etc But did they rectify some issues the pre 09 models had? i am really excited to get my lovely Lexus as I currently have a smart for four and it’ll be a big difference lol
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!