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  1. Your 100% right. Can you recommend me someone who can help mi with both things ? Im in Bedford.
  2. Ov got original from jap spec and would like to keep it... As it shows both mph and kph. No others ideas what can be wrong ?
  3. My speedo is mph and kph, mpg reading shows kph speed. Where can i look if the converter was fitted and how it looks?
  4. Whats more interesting, distance meter works fine, so ivgot right readings for kmh on mph display... Thats weird.. Any ideas ? Your right but my speedo is in km h and mph and both readings are wrong
  5. But my differnece is up to 20 mph!! Whats interesting if i set gps to kmh, readins in mph on speedometer are quite accurate so wtf is it all about ? 😮
  6. Your right but my speedo is in km h and mph and both readings are wrong
  7. Hi! Iv got problem with my 2003 Celsior. At 60 mph on speedometer I get 40 mph on GPS. Car is on 20 inch wheels but the difference between readings is too big in my opinion to be caused only by the wheel diameter. Where to look for the problem? Speed sensor, speedometer it self? Car is Japanese import. Readings of speed are very smooth without any pikes or something, just the value is way off the real one. Thanks, Jan.
  8. Hello, Can anybody advise me on insurance company for Celsior? Want to buy one on Sunday but im strugglin to find company that will insure it... Thanks for any help and directions !
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  10. Hello, I have a question to Toyota Celsior owners, im having problem with finding company that can insure this car. Can someone advise who should I contact to get it insured at reasonable rate? Thx, Jan.