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  1. I can add my experiences and views to this thread. I had an early c63 saloon in 2010 and it was a cracker. Fun to drive and a crackling exhaust that was a delight. Sold it 12 months and 25,000 miles later after 4 sets of rear tyres and almost daily visits to the petrol station. Roll on three years, petrol prices had dropped and the facelift c63 was launched. Bought a coupe c63 with the MCT transmission. Totally different animal. Much more aggressive gear changes with a real bang on the downshift and associated popping and banging from the exhaust. A real pleasure to hammer this car and even in auto it was terrific at screaming changes and boy was it quick to swap cogs. Also the car would block change in manual, ie pull the left hand lever and hold it to change down to the lowest possible gear in one move. Great for approaching roundabouts. The c63 coupe is the V8 to have if you want to thrash a car to the limit and shred tyres by tea time. After the c63 we went a45 before back to V8 with a Mustang. Nice sounding but limited on corners and wrong image for us. Decided to go back for a third c63 and the only way to go was a 507. Narrowed it down to three possibles and off to test drive. Now whether we had remembered things differently or not, but the two we test drove completely underwhelmed us. To be fair they turned out to be tatty and thrashed, and might have stood in the showroom long enough for the learning gearbox to have gone to sleep? Either way, after driving two of these we decided that we needed a different V8. Currently in a rcf carbon which might well turn out to be a keeper. Build quality and ride are excellent. We don’t often hold onto cars more that 18 months, and that is rapidly coming up. But I’ve just put 2 years warranty on it, so not looking to change for the foreseeable. But, remember these have a torque converter so you won’t get the hard bang of a MCT when you change gear. The change is more cushioned almost fluid and after 15,000 miles the tyres are still on 5mm. I would be on the third set of rears on a c63. You’ve got to ask what you want of a V8. Pose - go mustang with borla exhaust. Thrash and get the back out of shape on bends and roundabouts - w204 c63. Refined luxury with a effortless acceleration up to silly speeds - Lexus. Oh and if you were thinking about the block change issue, it does this in auto, just not in manual. Many reviewers pounced on this as a major problem, I just look ahead and if I weant to overtake rapidly, knock the stick back to auto and floor it. Still can’t shred the tyres, must try harder. Yes the sat nav is out of the ark, but if you’re worried about anything other than the V8 engine and gearbox, buy something else.
  2. Whoop whoop Hedge End have pulled out the stops and it’s ready to collect tomorrow. Social distancing means it hasn’t been cleaned, but after 3 months, I’m just glad to be collecting it. I’ll give it a thorough clean over the weekend after I collect a few flies on the M27.
  3. Yes, Hedge End seem switched on. Just waiting for parts from Japan. I’ve started looking at battery options as I suspect it will be fubared after 12 weeks plus just standing there. looking forward to a (legal) blast when it’s fixed.
  4. Dave, so you weren’t able to spot my red carbon RCF in the corner gathering dust? It’s been at Hedge End in pieces since early March awaiting parts from the factory due to a hungry rodent. Apparently all factory parts orders got cancelled and they’ve resubmitted the paperwork. Expect to have car repaired sometime in July. Good job I’ve got other vehicles. Warranty expired in May and I’ve asked about an extension as I can’t do any end of warranty check. I’ve taken out the extended warranty, but still want things like valley gasket and headers checked over while Lexus original warranty applies. They’ve gone quiet.......
  5. Just to bring this thread to conclusion. The dealer obtained LEXUS approval for the alternative pads all round. These were fitted under warranty last week and 300 miles later I haven’t heard a single squeak. I can’t detect any difference in braking effort or stopping distance. There also seems to be less dust generated I was reminded on collection that these replacement pads are not suitable for track use and I should let the next owner know if I sell the car. J
  6. I had my RCF carbon accepted for the Supercar weekend. Unfortunately a minor incident a couple of weeks ago means I’m currently driving a courtesy car. Lexus Hedge End were present at Beaulieu with a couple of electric cars. Didn’t see any large engine Lexus models, but there were a lot of Mclarens, Lambos and TVRs. Good weather and a lot of noise, smell and fun. Theres always next year and Dan from Beaulieu is always looking for rarer cars to attend . J
  7. That’s really interesting Colin. I will see what the same dealer has to say about this before going to another. It appears that they based their original response to me on information from the “Lexus Technical Field Manager”. I have no idea if this person is dealer based or head office. Either way, I thank you for the ammunition to raise the matter with some force and hopefully get rid of this ridiculous noise. Sorry to hear the GSF isn’t included though. Finally, I’m trying to build a relationship with my dealer so haven’t named them on the thread. It doesn’t take much to work out who they are once you know which carbon edition I bought. So far I’ve paid a reasonable sum to have the brakes stripped and cleaned. I’m now expecting a closure of this matter with replacement pads at no cost. It would be good to get a positive conclusion to this thread to help others. I will update. J
  8. I didn’t know that about RS’s. Never had any issues with my AMGs or my Mustang with Brembos.
  9. Hmmm, no mention of any replacement pads from Lexus today, unless my 2017 came already fitted with an upgrade on the original 2015 model? The Toyota street pad that they mentioned for the USA market was dismissed for the Uk for several reasons including stopping distance.
  10. OK so our 2017 RCF has reached 10k miles and now sounds like a 1970s ford with the pads down to the metal when braking. Car was serviced 2 months ago. Took it in to Lexus dealer last week and had the problem investigated including a full stripdown and clean of all the brake components (at my expense). Brake pads and discs were deemed to be in good condition with minimal wear. Dust was cleaned away. (Remember the service was only a few weeks before) Car came back quiet, but only for a couple of days. Noise is now back with a vengeance. It really does sound like an old car that someone’s forgotten to put the anti squeal shims in. Have been onto the dealer again today and had the matter referred to Technical Field Manager. Got the expected response about sintered pad material and normal for high performance car brakes to squeal. I did mention the Lexus USA technical bulletin on this matter, but due to different safety regulations, longer stopping distances etc we don’t get the option of having Lexus fit the Toyota street compound pads to resolve the issue under warranty here in the UK. It looks like the only way to stop the screech every time I brake is to change the pads to aftermarket ones. EBC yellow look favourite compromise although they are showing out of stock for the rears at the moment. Anyone else here in the UK that’s suffered the same problem and managed to resolve it, either with Lexus or via aftermarket pads? I know there are previous threads about this problem on various forums, but given the response today I thought it worth a mention. I will ensure that I count how many supercars sound this bad when I go to Beaulieu next month. If all the cars there sound similar when braking, I probably owe Lexus an apology! J
  11. Trying not to derail this thread, but thought I’d confirm that whilst I can’t do the Simply Japanese weekend, I have had the RCF accepted into the Beaulieu SuperCar weekend the following week. (The first Lexus accepted into this years event). So looks like there will examples of our cars at both events If anyone else on here attends or displays at the Supercar weekend look us up. Odds are we will be with the noisy TVR group in the corner of the site! I managed to flat spot the tyres on my TVR doing demo runs last year. Not sure if we will be asked again this year. 😂 I haven’t discussed doing demo runs in the RCF with them as yet. I’m not sure that, even with the Quicksilver fitted, it’s got the noise or the acceleration to be a crowd pleaser? That said last years event included a few cars with similar performance doing demonstrations, so who knows? (And it does look stunning). So, just in case, I’d better look up how to turn all that traction stuff off Then Mash the throttle with right foot as releasing left foot from brake pedal.......and repeat 😇 J
  12. Just to throw in a spanner..... Its super cars at Beaulieu the following weekend. I’m going with my TVR through the TVRCC and waiting to see if I’ve made the cut for doing demo runs again.😎 This might be a better option. Free entry if you book and display your car. I think they’re trying to raise their game this year by concentrating on top end super cars but still might be worth an email if say a number of Fs were prepared to display. We will be there all weekend so there’s no problem in Mrs Rompy taking the RCF as well. Just an option to consider. And might I say slightly more exotic car company. I’m my opinion 471bhp is enough to qualify for entry!! J
  13. Thanks to BigRat I now have a Quicksilver exhaust on the RCF. First impressions are that it’s a little louder inside the car under normal driving with the windows shut, but obviously a lot louder outside given the looks I got when accelerating up and over the Itchen bridge earlier. And it looks so much better on the car Thanks to Paul for dropping the exhaust off today. Just need an opportunity to clear its throat properly now.
  14. Looks fantastic. I’m sure you are going to love it. Just be careful of your speed. 80 is the new 60 in these!! Have fun J
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the exhaust and fitting. As it’s axle back it should be a nice little job. Just need to wait for a system to come up for sale second hand. Yes, know Steve, he’s been busy with D day commemorations recently. Port Solent it is then. Once the weather improves we can have our own mini Hampshire F club meet. Yes I think mine has AVS as it’s March 2017. It’s an ex Toyota press vehicle and featured in a few videos. With I understand only 23 carbon versions in the uk these cars are pretty rare. Can’t say the same of the alternative German offerings. I’m surprised the interest it generates. I probably get more comments on this vehicle than the mustang. I put this down to people double taking what it is and the red paintwork colour just popping in sunlight. Sounds like we have had similar taste in vehicle history. Maybe there’s a typical RCF owner profile?? J