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  1. We’ve had to go up a trim level to get the (manual) adjustable seats. Wifey is 4’11” and I’m 6’2”. It’s always a deal breaker whether we can both get comfortable in any new car. Will miss the memory seats in the Lexus, but pleased we can both drive the Tamora and Alpine. Time will tell whether we have made the right decision about losing the V8. Truth is we seldom use the back seats of the RCF so two seaters should be more fun for us. At least while we can still get in them!
  2. Yes of course. Changeover day is Friday next week.
  3. Yep. Should sit nicely in the garage next to the Tamora. Beauty and the beast perhaps?
  4. It is with a sad heart that my ownership of five consecutive V8 cars is coming to an end. But with petrol approaching £9 a gallon and a heavy right foot, it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve accepted a very reasonable trade in price, so there should be a 2017 red carbon RCF coming onto the market shortly. Thanks to Lexus Swindon and Hedge End for their support over the last three years. Enjoy your cars. I’ve got a pair of standard exhaust rear boxes, a spare plastic top engine cover and a set of used floor mats in the garage. And, no we haven’t gone electric, just a left field French coupe. Au revoir Rompy
  5. Subject to date. Got a few weekends tied up. But sounds good….
  6. Welcome. I’m just out of the city on Portsmouth Road / Hamble Lane. Had our carbon RCF for 3 years and still makes us smile. Any queries or if you just want a chat, pop along to see us, coffee is usually on. Rompy.
  7. Before buying ours, the longest we usually kept a car was 10 months. Went through a lot of V8s before picking up this one. Had it over three years now. Look at the gloss he’s got in that paint. Superb. Not looking to change any time soon.
  8. I think that carbon fibre is both brittle and liable to scratch. I don’t know of anyone suffering breakages, but then I don’t mix in circles where cars are made of this substance. The multiple (4x) chips and scratches aren’t very big and I’ve had one repaired already. But the fact that they are minor defects on my MOT has spurred me to do something. I will contact Aut****** next to see where they source glass from and any problems I’ll be on to my “nautical” insurer. I see that they state windscreen repairs won’t affect no claims, but may affect next years premium. and I’ve contacted the closest two Lexus dealers who have confirmed that they don’t install glass, but sub this out. it’s becoming more of a faff than I anticipated
  9. Cheers. Did your insurers cover the dealer doing the calibration? I’m gearing up for a fight to simply get the whole job done at Lexus
  10. I’ve got a spare large plastic top engine cover from my RCF. Might look good on a wall, or alternatively maybe hydro dipped as part of an under bonnet custom job. These don’t come up for sale very often and are expensive from Lexus. Open to offers
  11. A full set of mats out of my 30k miles 5 year old RCF. I’ve just replaced with new, but these might do somebody a favour? Make me an offer. Otherwise, I’ll tip them. Based in Southampton, but often in Northampton.
  12. Anyone had a replacement windscreen fitted yet? Mines covered in chips and just got a minor on MOT. My insurers are linked to Aut******** (aren’t they all), but I’m nervous of all the electronic stuff on the screen AND the carbon roof. I can just imagine the phone call …. “We had a bit of trouble removing the old screen and we cracked the roof. But it wasn’t our fault” Am I worrying unnecessarily? I was going to lean on my insurance to see if I can get the screen fitted by Lexus. I don’t know where other carbon panelled (super) cars have screens fitted. Perhaps companies like Aut******** have the experience nowadays? So can anyone put my mind at rest that RCF windscreens and all their electronic systems are ok when fitted by a car glass company - and any thoughts on implications of that carbon? What could possibly go wrong????!!!!
  13. Just to add my view. My 17 RCF carbon has AVS and I’m sure it doesn’t do anything. Steering is more precise in S+, but I can’t detect any other changes to suspension. My previous C63s used to noticeably tense up (or go hench) when going into S+, but the RCF just doesn’t. Maybe the change is too subtle for me. By the way, we’ve owned the RCF three years this week. No other car has lasted more than a year in the last two decades. So that’s quite a feat for us.
  14. I had Lexus fit a different front brake compound to my rcf to reduce the unacceptable squeal and excessive dust. They do these alternative pads but state they are not for track use. Had no noise or excessive dust since they were fitted. Just saying there are alternative Toyota parts out there....
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