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  1. I found the solution 🙂 really stupid fault 🤣 it was the small connector plug that went to the Starter - when they changed it they damaged the plug so it doesnt secure any more - when i was removing the throttle body i guess i pulled it out cause its on the same harness. THANKS ALOT FOR ALL THE HELP AND TIPPS 🙂 So now i check if i have a broken headgasket it looks like thats the case cause my co2 tester liquid changed the color when i tested it on the expansion tank - common problem on these diesel engines as i read? Regards Flo
  2. hello also tried the trick with the hammer before but it doesnt make any difference 😞
  3. ok i will check it. yes it cranked 2seconds before it starts before but it doesnt sound that it cranked weak so i thought maybe the glow plugs should be replaced but now it doesnt crank anyways 😞 its curious that it happens at the time i disconnected the throttle body /:
  4. i hear some clicking noise when i push the Start Button the starter itself does not click like its on a empty battery there are no sound after der clicking in beginning
  5. Good Morning, i tried it in the morning i put in the battery its fully charged but the same problem like before everything works ignition works but it doesnt crank (by the way the Starter was changed by the previous owner a few months ago and it worked fine till i changed the thermostat and unplugged the throttle body on my 220D. Any Ideas? Regards Flo
  6. hello baviaannl, thanks for your answer. i hope this is the fault - we will see tomorrow. Regards Flo
  7. Hello im new to a Lexus IS220D i bought with some issues (expansion tank for collant had a leak and therfore it overheats) so today i started to change thermostat and put on a new Expansion Tank. im from Austria and i changed the Thermostat today - to do this i had to remove the "throttle body" and the two connectors to it. also the connector to the iat sensor was removed. After i reasambled everything the ignition works normally the button wents to green but then nothing happens it doesnt crank anymore??? I also tried to jumpstart it but no difference? Also tried the second key knob but no difference... Has anyone a Idea what i can do? i dont understand why it starts normally before and now nothing? yes it always takes 2-3seconds till it starts but it cranked and now sadly nothing 😞 Hopefully some has a idea whats wrong? i removed the battery today to charge it over the night so the car is without battery at the moment maybe this resets ECU dont know if that helps? Regards Flo
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!