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  1. I am still on the hunt...what i noticed is that the leather seats seems to not hold up very well by time. I seen a couple under 80k miles are they all had cracked leather...is this normal on lexus? or maybe the sun is the root cause of this. Any feedback? cracked seats will make a nice car looks bad.
  2. All true and age does make a difference to design, however i had a Mercedes 190D 2.5 from 1991 and the insulation was amazing inside. You could not hear the engine running although with the bonnet open it sounded like a diesel tractor, from the inside totally quiet. So i think rather than age, it is what the factory engineers put into it to reduce noises. For example, the Mercedes 190 had like asphalt mats on the underfloor to dampen noise from road, tires.....etc...and it worked. I never rode an RX, so i cannot compare yet.
  3. Well that is true but i think the 3.3L won’t help either 😄
  4. Hello - thank you. Very good info 🙂 So, does anyone exceeded the 67K miles? how are the rx400h holding up with time vs miles? all the feedback is appreciated. I know these are complex machines, and to be honest that is my worry about it and this will help me choose between this and a normal SUV. Thank you D.
  5. Hello, thanks for coming back. I am from Malta [Europe], not sure if it works the same in here about the hybrid health check certificate. Does this come from the dealer as part of the servicing routine? Thanks D.
  6. Hello Group. I am new and considering a RX400h for my family and I found a 2008 model with 67k miles - one owner from new. My worry [as everyone] is about the battery pack and if there is a way to know if it is about to give way? i would assume this is very expensive to fix and replace if it dies. From the owners experience, would you buy this car i mentioned with yr/mileage? One other question, how is the car on interior noise, is it well insulated from the road/tire noise ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you D.
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!