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  1. I got it sorted after was the cam tensioner was wore and had timing off slightly.. just put new belt and tensioner in and she’s flying it now
  2. Hi I have a Lexus Is200 down on power the lambda sensor was giving a fault so I put in a second hand one it was still giving a fault so I bought a brand new one. Was still giving fault so I assumed the cat was blocked, I then changed the cat and car struggled to start so I disconnect the new cat still wouldn’t start. I then changed the fuel pump and spark plugs car still wouldn’t start. I eventually toed the car and rolling started it. It started and haven’t had an issue with starting it ever since but is very down on power struggles to get up a hill. I changed the coil packs, injectors, throttle body, disconnected the lambda sensors, changed the map sensor changed the air filter.. I’m running out of ideas any help is appreciated. Only fault that comes up on the system is the lambda sensor
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!