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  1. Problem solved, it was the re-circulate button turned off, keeping it switched on prevents outside air coming in through the vents
  2. Hope that is the cause, booked my car with lexus dealership in 2 weeks time, really hope its just a missing pollen filter and nothing too major. Thanks anyways, will update with the outcome
  3. Hi guys please try to help me out here, recently bought a rx400h in excellent condition, but just few days ago something went wrong, all the road noise enters the cabin, even if am parked and a car was to drive pass it sounds like a window is slightly open when its not, ive checked all the seals and everything looks fine. What ive noticed is when driving, the outside air is hitting my face from all the front centre air vents even if its switched off, I believe that could be the cause for the road noise entering the cabin. Today it was a bit windy, so i went inside my car, had the ignition off just sitting inside trying to figure out the cause, and i put my hands right in front of the vents, and all i feel was the wind outside hitting my hands. Has anybody experienced such issues or any advice on this?
  4. Just a quick update, got my car fitted with 4 new michelin cross climate today. Car feels so much grippier and smooth. Definitely it has made my cabin noise less. Running them fronts 34psi and rears 36psi. But still road noise is there when driving 40mph and above. Found the front passenger rubber in the lower frame has a small crack/tear, guess that is whats causing excess road noise. Going to get them replaced with new ones by lexus. Hopefully that should cure the cabin noise.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, wasn't aware of this offer, but unfortunately i cant wait this long as i bought the car recently and those front budgets tyres are really ruining my whole ride experience due to excess cabin noise. Edit What psi would be recommended for these cross climate xl tyres. Its a 235/55/R18 v104 I prefer comfort over mpg
  6. Thanks i-s, replacing all my tires with cross climate soon.
  7. Damn... Will just order any old iPods then and give it a try. Thanks anyways engine.
  8. Yes those tyres are very well rated, read positive reviews about them, its just I've never had them on any of my previous cars so not too sure about the ride quality, comfort and noise levels. Will definitely look into these. Only had Michelin and Bridgestone on my previous car which was a Qashqai. Am leaning towards the cross climate for my rx400h after reading many positive reviews, but am just waiting to hear what other members experience is with cross climate if they had them on
  9. Hi Recently i bought a rx400h se-l and found there is an 30 pin connector inside the glove box. I think its an ipod connector. Is there anyway i can convert this for a usb connection? I have seen few 30 pin connector to usb on ebay, was wondering if that will allow me to use a usb for mp3 Here is the attachment
  10. Hi Recently i bought a 2008 rx400h (my first lexus) and its a bit noisy inside the cabin. The dealer pointed out its due to budget tyres fitted at the front. Currently it has a 235/55/R18 Radar brand budget tyres at the fronts and rears Bridgestone patenza. I intend to change all 4 tyres, to either michelin cross climate suv XL or michelin Primacy 4. I was wondering if the XL would be any better compared to Primacy 4 not an XL. I've read somewhere that a XL tyre is usually a bit noisy. Anybody can recommend me tyres or their experience with cross climate suv XL. The Michelin latitude tour also another tyre i am considering due to its lower noise db rating Thanks
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!