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  1. Closing the loop. Fixed it. I wasn’t sure which part of the central console wasn’t working so bought a second hand unit from eBay at £450, there were less expensive units but the code didn’t match on the top screen element and didn’t want to risk it. I’m no expert but watched a video on YouTube on how to replace it and did it in a couple of hours. Ah - we’ve air conditioning and the audio system which is all we really wanted - integral sat nav is no where near as good as TomTom app. Thanks for the help all those who came back.
  2. Thanks for asking James - First the Sat Nav screen started to intermittently go off as did the function buttons down each side of the screen and the ones below. Radio below that appears to still work and air con did work, though I couldn't set the temperature unless the screen was working. When on the touch screen worked fine. Took in to Lexus Reading for diagnosis who said the entire unit needed replacing for £2,800. When they gave it back the air con was no longer working. The clock still shows and the security red led still blinks when the car is off - nothing else, the unit is dead.
  3. Thanks Linas much appreciated. I'm not sure if the 53040 is the entire unit and then it breaks down in other part numbers for the components. Thanks again.
  4. Hi My Sat Nav head unit stopped working so I'm looking for a replacement. It's hard to find the 86111-53040 unit but there a few 86111-53070 units. Any idea if the 86111-53070 will work? I've an IS250 petrol late 2005/2006. Thanks all.
  5. Hi, my IS250’s sat nav started to flash on and off and eventually stopped coming in. We were still getting air con but couldn’t change the temperature due to no screen. Took the car in to Lexus Reading who quoted us £2750 as it’s a sealed unit to they have to placer after also making the situation worse as we now have no air con either, no apology just tough luck was their attitude -won’t be going back there in hurry. Love the car, everything else is solid just not economically viable to spend that amount, Anyone know how I get this unit replaced for a reasonable cost? Thanks for any help.
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!