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  1. i seem to be switching from excited to slightly sad at the moment! :D the big day is getting close & i will be very sad to see my beloved go...but after a very happy & trouble free 4 years & 3 months, it was time for a change. a brand new Mercedes CLK 280 Sport Cabriolet will be sitting proudly on my drive come Friday night i think there may even be the last of the sunshine predicted for Saturday, just in time for a bit of showing off! thanks for all the help over the years, LOC are a great bunch of guys n girls & i hope to be back in the fold in a few years time when there's something to tempt me back (& i'm sure there will be by then! :winky: ). best wishes Abbie x
  2. After my car was stolen in a car jacking not long after Ahmets, I considered getting this for a while: Autowatch 68hi Quite an effective device where you have to go through a "certain procedure" each time you start the car or otherwise the car will immobilise itself after about 30 seconds - gives a car-jacker time to drive away from you so you can find safety before it shuts itself down. I never actually got it fitted in the end, but I remember Mike (Mr Morse) had it and was pleased with it. The other option is I think there's an optional extra with Clifford alarms (Black Jax i think) which does the same thing, but involves replacing the car's alarm and immobiliser as well and you'll need another key fob so I didn't look into this one much. ta chuck :D just the sort of thing i was looking for...
  3. i haven't read all the way thru this old thread again but can somebody remind me - was something mentioned about a security gizmo that cuts the power so it can't be jacked like this? seriously considering it for the new car but wanted some info before i went ahead (a bit difficult to search when i couldn't remember the name of the darn thing! ;))
  4. very interesting comments Ian - thanks. it's a Merc we're going for - actually did the deal yesterday. exactly the colour combination (which had proved to be difficult, unless we were willing to wait up to 3 months) & a bit more on the extras we originally wanted. all done for 8% discount on the original OTR price - matching at least 2 online broker/middleman type places. Gord - because i thought we might be selling, i didn't bother renewing my Gold the BMW stealer offered me £9,000 (just managed to stop myself laughing at him! :D) i have had a couple of enquiries, so fingers crossed!
  5. Do you lend your wife out Ian? i'd love to go on a shopping trip with her :winky: i think the discount is fair on this Merc, it just about matches what i can get online with buyacar.co.uk (inc p.x.) & is cheaper than broadspeed (no p.x.). supposedly, 8% = what they get the car 'at cost' for, according to info from an 'insider' on the MBForums (probably just a dealer to make us think we're all getting a good price! as if they would do anything like that ).
  6. oooh! you've gone & got Azlam all excited thinking someone is interested! :D but now so have I! good luck with the sale, she sounds a cracker - i know i'll be sad to see my 300 go soon...
  7. yep, completely understand & agree with what your saying guys :D i was just a little ruffled with the big diff in price from the info we have access to. hey ho! the nearly agreed 'to change price' is pretty much what we'd budgeted for, we're off to seal (or not ;)) the deal later today. us being picky with what we wanted AND choosing a Merc CLK Cabrio, i don't think just under 8% off OTR list price is too bad a deal is it?
  8. i know they're in it for the money etc & it is a business after all... i think what annoys me most is the fact that the info that IS available to poor old muggins like us to look at is so wrong. if it's known that the stealers use CAP, why don't the sites offering the info adjust their prices accordingly for p.x. when we haven't got a hope in heck of getting what they quote at the moment! (deep breaths, must calm down :D time for that friday night bottle of plonk i think...) i know selling private is the way to go but i'd want hubby with me when it came down to any test drive etc & he's snowed under with work at the moment - i might have someone interested & i'll go further on that over the next couple of weeks if the guy does want a look. it's just the thought of advertising it & then having to arrange something around the other half & who ever may be interested - bit of a minefield (so i suppose i shouldn't complain about px if i can't be bothered to put the effort in with a private sale?! ).
  9. i know it only really comes down to the 'price to change' amount, but i had a good nosey around a few sites to get a rough idea of what i'd be offered px & worked out an average. i might of well not bothered as three dealers have offered me way less than i was hoping! :shutit: so, really there isn't any point checking up as the general public don't have access to CAP info that the dealers use anyway?
  10. shows what a big wimp i am then doesn't it! i was convinced MPG would fall thru the fall with it on all the time... mind you, when i first had a tumble dryer - the elec meter whizzing around so fast nearly gave me a bad turn, soon got over that tho!
  11. I never have the PWR button off to be honest i think i'm just a bit averse to the fuel gauge moving as fast as the speedo!
  12. Mr Skelton! i do believe comments like that deserve at LEAST a slap on the legs, now be a good boy & bend over!! :winky:
  13. the new SC is due next spring isn't it? PLEASE don't tell me a cabrio IS is due when i'm just about to jump ship to a Merc! don't the dealers realise it will be affecting buying decisions NOW, not just next year! :(
  14. definitely notice the difference in my IS300 when PWR button on, very handy for a swift take off at a busy roundabout! :D
  15. i've been on the sky £5 monthly BB plan since Feb 07 & it's only gone offline once, was fixed again within a day. good sites for info - skyuser dslzone