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  1. I'm in Jersey I think I was just putting down Mark Levinson door speaker in eBay
  2. Thanks for this bobmc it's weird that when I search it doesn't come up with any from Lithuania. Made an offer so hopefully get it to come down in the next week or two Thanks also to Herbie I knew I would get some help on this site
  3. Yes it seems like it has in the past but not any more Where do you find breakers in Lithuania?
  4. Hi oh knowledgeable ones I have just purchased a 2007 rx350 and the passenger side door speaker sounded like it was blown, after taking the door panels noticed it looked like this. Looked on the dreaded eBay and found out that the only listing for a replacement speaker are in the US and nearly £200. My question is are there anywhere in the UK or Europe I can buy one. By the way it is a Mark Levinson 86160-OW560 speaker
  5. Just received the dvd update disc through the post. To install it, it has a note that I need to eject old dvd, disconnect battery for 15 to 20 mins and then connect battery and load new dvd. Does this sound right and when you disconnect the battery does this not do something to the windows and also will I need a radio code.
  6. Brought one from ebay which is 2017-2018 update, should be down in the next couple of days and will post here to confirm it works, only cost £19
  7. Thanks Cruisermark so am I right in thinking that you just used the sealant and not new foam surrounds, as I'm having trouble finding new foam surrounds for front door ML speaker
  8. Hi I have just got a 2007 RX350 with Sat Nav and ML sound system. The passenger side door speaker vibrates badly when anything bassy is played. My question is I see that the foam sometimes goes brittle and new foam can be brought but the only place I can see that sells them for ML speakers are in Australia via eBay, I live in the UK. Has anybody ever tried fixing the foam on speakers over here and if so where did you get the replacement foam from in the UK. Other option is to replace the front speakers which are apparently 8ohm and quite difficult to find. Has anybody got any recommendation of speakers that will replace the ML ones in the door.
  9. Hi Sorry to latch onto this thread but looking at the Vais website it looks like something I want for my 2007 RX350. My question is that I'm in the UK so if I went for the SL3Sat-L w/ Tuner Kit does that mean I can get Digital radio channels like BBC Radio 6. Also does anyone have this set up and if so how does it compare with the Grom units
  10. Yeah have been looking at a dab module but my rx does not have Bluetooth audio just phone calls and wife and kids always stream music and use Spotify. So that is needed. Looked at vline as well but on reading up on it it has too many glitches for my liking where a pioneer or Sony double din will not but more trickier to install especially to get it to work with steering wheel control.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Do you need to get a specific dvd for the RX or would anyone for a Lexus do
  12. Thanks for your reply just wanted to change the CD and tape deck and replace it with this As I mostly play music by bluetooth and spotify and want a DAB Radio, but want to keep Nav if I can update it to a recent version..
  13. Hi I have just purchased a 2007 RX350 and want to upgrade my stereo to a double din multimedia unit. My question is that since I have the ML audio system with nav should I purchase a unit with a built in amp or one without. Also another question is if anyone on here has upgraded the stereo and if it was easy to get hold of the wire harness and adaptor so that the steering wheel controls will still work
  14. Hi just purchased a 2007 RX350 and the navigation is version 2 What is the best way to update the navigation system as reading up on it, it is by dvd which is located in the boot. So which way is the cheapest way to update it and what is the most recent version for my model
  15. Thanks for this Herbie its a very informative video, will have to rope my mate in to sort out all those wires and connections as don't really trust myself. I have also been checking out the US Site also and an after market stereo from one of the big makes maybe the option. Does anybody know the best place to buy the plain stereo surrounding and stereo bracket in the uk as I can only find it on US Amazon in the video and still above