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  1. Hey everyone, Only new to this but would appreciate some help. Bought my first Lexus there in Jan, its an is 220d 2008, beautiful car but starting to have a little trouble with her. Got a great deal on her but starting to understand why. Bought it as a private sale from a mechanic with full service history. Its just rolling 200km on the clock but service history says she was well looked after. Problem I'm having is, I think fuel injector and after reading up possibly the 5Th injector. Bit of dark diesel around the top of engine block and its hissing out fumes. I've attached a video. If anyone could give me an idea I'd be very grateful. I'm based in Dublin. Is the car drivable to a mechanic or should it be towed? Thanks in advance 20190525_185433.mp4
  2. Hi James, Wondering if this is similiar to what you experienced? Sounds the exact same. I'd appreciate any feedback. Not sure if I want to attempt it myself. Few people trying to talk me out of it! Mine is a 2008 220d 20190525_185433.mp4
  3. Hi Clive, I've the exact same problem. Took this video earlier, you experience the same? 20190525_185433.mp4
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