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  1. Wow, what a difference now that my NX is now an android... Worth every drop of 90 minutes of anxious wait.. I can even turn my lounge room lights on and off at home..!
  2. This is good news, just need to get hold of the software myself now..
  3. @jbi507 I suppose it could be a setting issue... there was a setting issue illustrated earlier in this thread by another user... granted it would have been an apple setting.. (and I'm Android) e.g.. Hi Ed659 - see my post on siri being quiet - turns out carplay sets the voice volume to 1 by default. Not really had chance to play with it much yet - but initial impressions are it seems easier, apart from the audio level from siri which now seems ok.
  4. Jbi507 good job well done. According to your time shown its perhaps too early to ask, does it work well... Need to source the link now.. and get it done too..
  5. Sheri1 ... did they indicate an idea of cost... Ive heard £80..
  6. I did hear a comment saying possibly available through dealers from October, I'd reckon if that were so they be keeping it so..
  7. At this stage I don't know the answer to that, I've just found out it's available for my system and is available on three sticks as an update.. Im just waiting to hear how the update goes..
  8. I'd be interested to know how you get on with sticks.. ive already got the latest maps installed.. I heard today of another update for media that's just out..
  9. At laaaaast... !!... so if its 3 usb's and 1.5hrs that a lot of data to numbercrunch.. so it looks data only and no hardware.. I think a trip to my dealer is on the cards
  10. Thank you Andy B.. I'll have to add Lexus UK onto my Twitter feed..
  11. Thanks Phil, so I have the MM17 on my car.. do you think it will be October onward when the android/apply car play will be available then?
  12. Before I had my NX300 I owned a VW Tiguan R-Line, I had the misfortune of windscreen breakage on two occasions on that car, through my insurers I had to take it to Autoglass for replacements, that car had pretty much all the windscreen camera functions that we have with the NX, So I took the car to an Autoglass Centre where they had the ADAS accredited equipment and they knew how to use it.. the car came out perfect on both occasions, the big ask though, at that time I asked them to fit VW glass but that was my request, and they did.. but I had to pay a little more than the windscreen excess as agreed with the (LV) insurers.. no negativity, they did a good job for me on both of them times..
  13. Thanks for this timdf911, forgive the pun, but that doesn't sound too good!.. so hopefully when and if after October an update comes available, I'll have to see if my android will function any differently. I wonder if you find the infotainment system much easier to operate through Carplay?
  14. Thank you for that Sheri1... we might be in luck then..