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  1. Parking Sensor issue... So on my second service I mentioned the issue to the service reception again.. I was told, 'it is known issue and that Lexus are aware of it but it was inherent in the model' Well, that's was a red flag to me. I then wrote to customer relations at Lexus through the Lexus website indicating my dismay at my buying an inherent issue! I received a phone call from Lexus UK customer relations saying I would receive a call from the after-sales manager at my Lexus dealership, I did too.. so my car goes in tomorrow for ALL front sensors to be replaced... (where th
  2. Absolutely no change in what you currently experience.. if you have android or apple iPhone, connect either by cable or WiFi connection, select android or carplay.. by menu or a 2 second depressions the steering control, by simply disconnecting the cable of WiFi connection to the phone reverts the car back to normal lexus nav
  3. Hi, does anyone else experience Parking Sensor issues particularly in wet weather conditions? "Parking Assist Unavailable" please clean sensors !! My NX was in Lexus Stockport service last week for a service, I mentioned the issue and was told.. "this is quite common, they all do it" So i'm kind of informed (or fobbed off) it cannot be rectified.. anyone else had this?
  4. One thing I didn't think to consider was annual price increases.... something is starting to make sense... looks like a way forward.. thanks for all comments
  5. Hi, my 2019 NX300 is in for its second service today.. thing is, to me this car suits my every need and since I'm considering keeping car, question is, are the RRG Lexus service plans really worth considering.. £1,025 for three more services, a couple of mot's at half price, 10% of additional services and also of workshop hours.. anyone done this? Oh, and the other service desk sale is extended warranty.. 2yrs for £795..!! Anyone considered this?
  6. 2021 brings a new dawn to wifi connection for us Android / NX300h users.. I asked the manufacturers/ resellers of the Apple CarPlay 2 device to let me know when an Android version were to be made available.. well hot off the cyber press I've just had a notification.. See this link..
  7. Has anyone had experience of tyre puncture repairs on their NX300h. Who did you used? I seem to have a very slow puncture that either needs repair or replacement tyre, but, I don't want to go anywhere who don't use Lexus valve parts etc.. had experiences with other cars in the past that black non standard valves were fitted etc.. and we have sensors..
  8. Pleased if you'd let us know how the v2 OTA map update goes..
  9. ACarPlay2 definitely only for iPhone models, I contacted the manufacturer to ask the question about using my Samsung S10. I'm happy just connecting my android via USB and I find Google Maps works excellent.. in many ways I guess saying the 'hey Google' "instruction" is pretty much the same as 'hey siri'.. but USB connected so, unless I decide to buy an iPhone it's no issue
  10. I don't know about the Lexus service centres, I downloaded it off the Lexus Tech Site and did it myself a two or three weeks ago. I'm surprised some dealers appear to be saying not available until November? I'd have thought they'd be cashing in £££ by now..
  11. The retro fit works very well on android using the USB connex under the armrest and just laying the phone in the charging tray. If I change to iPhone I'll get an apple carplay device to use in the car as a WiFi connection between the phone and my NX.. so either way, so much easier now modified.. so are the dealers starting to carry out retrofits yet?
  12. Moleman, why not try to do as suggested to another previous post, go on the Lexus Tech site and put your VIN in and see if it comes up with any updates. I'm kind of puzzled as to why a 2019 premium nav system on a CT won't update.. my 2019 NX300 is similarly a Premium Sat Nav and has updated nicely.. maybe you have a different software system..
  13. Anyone tried an Android equivalent of the Apple carplay2..
  14. Wow, what a difference now that my NX is now an android... Worth every drop of 90 minutes of anxious wait.. I can even turn my lounge room lights on and off at home..!
  15. This is good news, just need to get hold of the software myself now..
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