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  1. I got confirmation that my car is suitable! Bring on may!
  2. Hi, in my 2019 NX, I suffer from a lot of condensation on the windows of the car, especially on cold wet days, where I have to have the heating on full and high to try and get rid of it... does anyone else experience this? Thanks
  3. I got a quote from Lexus Croydon for a service plan which includes: 1) S1 Intermediate @ 10,000 miles (Apr 2020) 2) S2 Full 20 @ 20,000 miles (Apr 2021) 3) S3 Intermediate @ 30,000 miles (Apr 2022) ...for about £800 My lease is 8000 miles pa - The dealer told me that the service will be carried out every year, even though I probably won't hit the 10k miles mark Should I go for this? Does anybody know how much these services cost at a dealer? Thanks!
  4. I've only got the one photo of it (I've been travelling) How do I turn off the radar element of cruise control??
  5. ...I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Azure blue f sport premium pack... expect questions from me in the next few weeks!!
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!