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  1. I have a new Lexus NX (March 2019) I have not been able to get the voice recognition system to work. After false starts (I won’t bore you with details) the dealer confirmed the fault. They advised they would install an update, this failed. I was advised Lexus would become involved & issue a new update. Today I received an email saying no updates will be available this year or are planned for next year. I will escalate a formal complaint. I’m not sure how widespread this is, there was a suggestion other vehicles in the fleet had similar issues. Anyone have similar experiences?
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  3. This may not be directly linked, but, I have brought my new NX car in several times for voice activated navigation glitches. To be frank it only ever worked once. I asked it to be taken ‘home’ after manually inputting & saving the address. Every other request, even with meticulously careful annunciation of destination has failed. The system tells me the addresses are unknown or curtly cancels/closes the instruction. The latest news is another update is to be applied at a date to be confirmed. I wouldn’t usually bother but it seemed to take a while to get Lexus to confirm the system was working ‘intermittently.’ Is this a common experience?