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  1. Depending on colour, spec, price etc, I could be interested.
  2. It certainly was Malc and not what I expected of a Lexus, I almost scrapped it! 😂
  3. I concur Malc, although I'm only just coming up to 1 year ownership and only 98k, but considering my car was off the road for 3 years prior to me getting it and barely used for the previous 10, it has been the paragon of reliability other than an (unsurprising) alternator and battery replacement.
  4. No problem. Whilst I haven't driven a 430 (yet!) myself, I can imagine they're equally adept as the 400's and 460's and really come into their own on longer journeys. My 400 has been modified with lower suspension, larger wheels and lower profile tyres, normally a recipe for a harsher ride, but hand on heart, it still rides exactly the same as when it was standard which is startling. One other point with the 460 i found was that when I bought it, it was over 200 miles from home, and it took me virtually the entire journey to find a comfortable driving position. There is so much adjustment on the seat compared with the earlier model that I found, initially at least, quite an issue getting it just right for my ultimate comfort.
  5. Mmmm, it's a tough one to be honest. I have to say, I've never been a fan of air suspension on anything I've owned or driven simply because it never seems an improvement over a well set up and cheaper to maintain conventional suspension system, BUT, the LS460 got closer than anything on converting me. I drove everywhere with it in the Sport setting which was still supremely comfortable but a bit more feel some than normal or comfort with only a total lack of steering feel slightly letting the side down. All that said, I genuinely loved the car for a reason I cannot describe other than to say it felt special.....luxurious......relaxing......I don't know, but when we bought it I wanted a car to waft around in, and that is what it does incredibly well. The other big BUT though is the LS400. It does all of this more simply, provides the same feeling, great performance, and much better economy around town, and all with just a bit more character. Overall there's very little in it, and I would have another 460 in a heartbeat if we needed that type of car again, but if I was looking for one and a (unicorn) mint low mileage original 400 was also available at the same time, the 400 may just edge it, so much so that I am seriously considering a complete respray and proper restoration of my already straight, solid and low'ish mileage current 400. Lots of waffle, but hopefully there's something helpful in there for you!
  6. Me too, and I know via text that one of the parties that were interested via here has said the same to me, but I tried to close the thread when our car first sold but to no avail.
  7. I'm glad you're enjoying the farce as much as me Rich 😁.
  8. Dear me, you have got a bee in your bonnet over something haven't you? Perhaps you could kindly explain what it is as I placed an advert for my car, which I sold, and then over a week later you comment that you wouldn't pay to tax it, which makes no sense. You then proceed to inform me of your infinite wealth, again making zero sense and also kind of contradictory to your initial comment, and since then you have rambled on making no sense whatsoever! Perhaps you should go back under your bridge and stay away from computers as forcing yourself upon others for attention is slightly desperate and immensely boring, at least to me, but I suppose it does increase your post count and may make you look popular. If however you wish to discuss your obvious strong feelings on vehicle taxation, may I suggest you post a thread in the correct section or maybe even write to your MP with all the spare time you clearly have?
  9. ^^^^^^^ I won't be wasting my time trying to figure out what on earth this comment and his others mean or the funny little man behind it, however, it would seem to me that internet trolls get on every forum sadly and not everyone joins one for their intended use! The main thing is that I have so far only encountered one since joining and it has been a great source of information, help and it should be. For someone with such a massive "fleet" though, I would think your time could be spent better elsewhere? Wisemonkey or SimpleSimon 🤔? I think it's best to let the public decide! 😯
  10. No need for sympathy, I simply understand the costs involved in motoring and being a car enthusiast, and don't become embittered by paying road tax! Obviously with your particular "fleet of cars and bikes, including some exotica" none of them require taxing, because if you do own a "fleet" that do require taxing, you pay way more than £550 a year to do so? I know between the cars i currently own the costs involved in keeping all of them taxed, insured, MOT'd, serviced, tyred, full of fuel, legal and ready to use all year round runs to a considerable sum, but a "Wisemonkey" like yourself knows that, so your obvious snippy and pointless comments and boasts are all but irrelevant, certainly to me at least. 😉
  11. Not sure of the point of your comment to be honest. If you don't want to pay to tax it, then it's clearly not the car for you, as the general running costs of a 4.6 V8 luxury car are never going to be in line with your budget philosophy, however, you miss out on a truly special experience. Sadly, lots of people fail to realise that just because the purchase price of a vehicle becomes lower with age, the running costs do not.........and of course, you still have to dodge the same potholes anyway!
  12. Our car is now sold, so thanks to both interested parties on here that made contact but it sold via AutoTrader in the end. Also thanks again to Richard for posting the link. The LS460 will be sorely missed but at least we still have the LS400 to continue enjoying, and they won't be the last ones we own! Paul.
  13. Thank you. I'm not expecting a quick sale as it's quite a niche market, but if anyone is looking for one it is an excellent version.
  14. You only live once......that's how we convinced ourselves anyway after already having a LS400 in the current fleet! There really is something about the way an LS gets down the road irrelevant of age or model that I don't think you can experience in any other luxury car. Certainly the ride in my wife's BMW X5 is horrific by comparison and that's an SE, so I dread to think what a Sport model would be like. Thanks by the way for posting the link above, I wouldn't of had a clue how to do that.
  15. It turns out pictures were easier than i thought to add onto here. If anyone wanted any more please let me know, as i have taken lots. Please excuse the water marks and reflections on the pictures though as the sun is both rare and very low this time of year, and the car had just been washed etc when they were taken and then driven to the picture location making the car dirty again!