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  1. I am located in Prague, Czech Republic. regarding dealers, reading on internet about my issue, it seems that the answer is pretty much the same everywhere, they are well aware of the undersized battery, but have no valid alternative solution for it!
  2. I doubt my car has it as you need always the key to get in.
  3. Hello all, thanks in advance for your advices; what i did in the end is to place the jumpstarter in the trunk and solar panel on dashboard. The battery is now brand new should see if all worked in couple of months and worst case scenario, workaround will be waiting in the trunk. @Geoffers as far as i am aware, the 400h doesn’t have keyless entry. Can you please clarify what do you mean?
  4. Thank you very much for such a quick answer, first of all. it is pity that lexus cannot find a solution , you expect a bit more effort but it seen they gave up quite quickly. @BROUWERS: the clarification is great and i trust your experience more but is there a way to test that charging is really happening when connected? @Herbie: let me tell you first that i love your car model, i hope one day i will be able to do the swap. Regarding your advice, i did order also one of these jumpstarter (different model with 1200A) just for the cases you mentioned but, to be honest, i am not really big fan of jumpstarting especially on a car full of electronic gigs like a lexus so i’d rather avoid this, reason why it would be nice a permanent and less invasive workaround.
  5. Hello all, thank you first of all for being so helpful all times and to be such a great source of informations, i hope one day i will be able to do the same. i am writing this new post because my lexus dealer is confusing me continuously. to make a long story short, i own an old RX400h, 2009 production, so one of the last of this model. Not long ago i did the complete service in lexus dealer and the replaced the main battery. After couple of months i left for a business trip for 2 weeks and when tried to turn the car on, i found main battery completely flat. i went to the local dealer (i am not in Uk by the way) and they confirmed battery was good and there was no power leakage so the charge the battery and gave back the car. The week after i was in same situation. reading on this forum i found out it is quite a common issue which seems to be unsolvable due to the main battery being low-sized for actual requirements (it is strange that it didn’t happen in the past) and space not big enough for higher capacity one. reading in those posts i found out that many of you find a workaround with a solar collector made from AA so I ordered one of those. Car was again at the Lexus service in meantime where they tried replacing the battery again with a new one as for them, all parts work as expected and no power leakage was identified. the problem came when i went to pick the car up and show them the solar panel and they have told me that OBD is not active when car is without key therefore it is a waste of money if i do not connect it directly on the main battery. question is then: can somebody confirm or deny what i’ve been told based on personal knowledge and/or experience? should i send the panel back or use it? thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!