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  1. Hi John Went to the dealer today. They have made a request to Lexus to replace it under warranty. I was the second buyer at the dealer with this so i suspect it is a known problem. The dealer agreed it was "premium unworthy". My passenger seat has been used for max. 1.000km and it already has the same problem as you can see...
  2. Hi, i am very disappointed of the leather upholstery of both of the front seats. The leather is not thight fit but it forms like a gigantic bubble you have to sit on. Anyone has the same problem or knows what to do? Thnx. See pictures
  3. Mine is sonic titanium. My choice was for max. brightness. Did fear it might appear "golden" but it is ok due to the small size of the car. Do not like this colour on NX or RX though. I like azure blue too but this is a f-sport colour.