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  1. I don't trust it's 100% sure.
  2. Hi everbody! Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions regarding my questions. @OldTrout Instead of a spare tire, in the trunk you should have these ,,electronics"(see picture atttached) if your car is equipped with APSSS. The part that breaks most often on this system is 48860-30040 and it is very costly to chaneg (almost 6000 euros on Lexus Dealer, i saw this part new on a website for 2.500$ but it's still very expensive) and looks like this:
  3. Thank you @OldTrout for your answer. Regarding the hybrid battery warranty. This statement is available for Mk3 Gs450h too? : "With each Hybrid Health Check, you receive an extra 1 year or 10,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) hybrid battery warranty extension, until your vehicle is 15 years old. Terms and conditions apply." Also to qualify for the warranty, every owner has to do the Hybrid Health Check every year from the purchase of the car? Thank you!
  4. Hello! I’m planning to buy a LHD Lexus Gs450h from 2008-2011. I like everything about this car and i know it is a reliable car like every Lexus but reading some of the topics on this forum it makes me step back a little. So i have the following questions: SHOCK ABSORBERS. Is the problem with the shock absorbers that bad as it people says? After the replacement of the shock absorbers with new OEM ones the oil leaking problem is solved for a longer period of time? I mean, this was a problem for just the factory absorbers and it got solved on the newer parts or the newer parts are the same? ACTIVE STABILIZER (APSSS): I saw an invoice on from a Gs450h owner that was including a part related to this system (STABI-ACTUATOR 48860-30040) and which costs 5600 euros at Lexus dealer that scares me a lot. Somebody on another forum is saying ,,There simply is no comparison between the GS 450h with APSSS and the other cars. The combination of the h's quick throttle response and the ability of the APSSS to reduce body roll makes it a blast to drive through these curves.” source: APSSS GS 450h Opinions.. What do you think about it, is it worth it or an eventual problem makes it not? HYBRID BATTERY: Im trying to find a car that has the battery replaced in a Toyota/Lexus service so i could extend it’s warranty by checking the hybrid system annually. I know that the bad cells can be replaced cheaper but i don’t think the repair could compare to a new battery. As they are pretty rare and expensive in Europe, would you take in consideration a RX400H? I’m not a big fan of it’s design actually but it’s much practical than the GS and i think cheaper to fix. Can anybody share his reliability experience with his Gs450h? Any other advices of what to check before buying a model like this? Do you know somebody who sell one? Thank you!
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!