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  1. Good luck with your future purchase. The C8 looks amazing, huge fan.
  2. Looks awesome, congratulations! Black ones truly can fly, I'll PM you with the location of the red button 😉 Value for money wise, quicksilver is cracking. I've got a couple of fave underpasses which require the window down treatment 😎
  3. Lexus sticking a BMW unit under the bonnet....? Defeats the point of buying a Lexus in the first place for me.
  4. He has transformed the car. A few scratches are slightly visible etc but from where she was, to now, he's worked wonders. Lee is a perfectionist and a 100% top bloke. He's put his heart into it. Every inch is double coated ceramic. I think he will have a heart attack if I message him in 3 years to renew it, loves the car, never wants to see it again 😂 The alloys look insane and the colour match of my refurbed one is spot on! Be warned guys, not all F cars have self healing finish, mine certainly doesnt and it has been suggested to me only Sonic blue might.
  5. Thanks go to Lee for all his hard work. Looking fantastic given the condition the paint was in. Top job imho 👍
  6. Sorry, the T5 is the brand new XC60, it averages just over 30 mpg. The old bit I was referring to was our 05 RX300. Apologies for any confusion.
  7. My RCF appears to do better than both my wifes XC60 2.0 T5 and our (ok slightly old) 05 RX300. Shes costing me about £12 extra per commute (midlands to london return) than my 2.0 turbo Alfa Giulia Veloce. Worth every penny imho
  8. I had my Giulia ceramic coated from new, here she is after 1.5 years. Apparently the paint on the RCF is super soft and progress is hard 😕
  9. Seems like somebody has previously taken a polisher to my beasty and not done a good job. Shes giving Lee a hard time 🙁 Some badly touched up and sanded stone chips aswell. Reason to NOT let dealerships anywhere near your paint! Shes in the right hands though.
  10. @Big Rats former pride and joy is currently being tended to by expert hands and should be looking awesome within a few days following a paint correction and ceramic coat 😍
  11. I must admit I'm sold on the idea of a 10.25 inch screen 😍
  12. Noticed the judder for the 1st time the other day, took me back to driving my Giulia. That would judder virtually all year round. Made tight manoeuvring interesting.