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  1. Hi all. Need some running repairs done on my RX and the place I used before, no longer installs parts sourced by customers. Has anybody got any recommendations for the Nottinghamshire area? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I've ultimately ordered the Brembo pads (P83154n). They've worked out at £55 as I could not use the discount code on them. So that's £230 for Brembo pads and discs for the front axle. Not too bad. Will have to keep an eye out on the rears 😫
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. The brembos are $75 plus tax, so around $80. I might be able to get 10% of that. So at around £50 they work out less than half the price of the EBC redstuff. Might be worth a gamble.
  4. Glad to hear they are easy fit. I'll have to make sure I whip them off before they hit 2mm!
  5. Good to know. My detailer said the lexus fitted pads are crazy in terms of dust. I think I may spend the extra and get the EBC reds. At least we know they work! As for the rears, they are at 6mm, that's something to worry about later me thinks.
  6. My only concern is the Brembo store site not mentioning compatibility with the RCF. I am sure they do fit, but maybe the compound is incorrect? The equivalent Lexus code is different too. @Comedian purchased some, I'm not sure if he ever fitted them. @hockeyedwards how do you rate the EBC's so far?
  7. I've ordered the front discs from Brembo USA, same equivalent part numbers as Lexus. £174 so a saving of roughly £70 vs the cheapest Lexus boxed ones.
  8. They've only measured my pad wear, I've got 4mm front and 6mm rear, so no rush on either. Front disc is forming a lip and is corroded on inner face. Rear disc scored and corroded on inner face. Has anybody fitted Brembo pads on the front? According to Autozone they fit, but on the brembo site they are listed for the LS460, not RCF. Part no P83154N Cheers
  9. The brembo USA store has front discs that are working out at £160 for the pair after a 10% discount is applied. I assume these discs will be more than adequate for my needs. I am fortunately able to readily travel state side and can pick up from there, so it may well be the best option for me. Dealer has reported my discs are pitted and a lip is starting to form, to be assessed at next service. £1700 quote, I did giggle.
  10. I think I'm going to pick up some Brembo front pads from Autozone in the states, assuming there is no issue bringing through customs here. They're are a bargain at just under $100.
  11. Hi all, sorry to piggyback the thread. Just had my 4 year service done and the brake discs were flagged as needing looking at for the next service. Needless to say I won't be accepting the dealer quote of £1700 (ish). Will start shopping around I guess 😫
  12. @Drssg if your paint is the same none metallic black as mine, take care. I've been advised by my detailer it is as soft as butter, you may well want to get PPF / wrapped / ceramic asap. He said it was a great paint job, but you have to be so careful with it!
  13. Good luck with your future purchase. The C8 looks amazing, huge fan.
  14. Looks awesome, congratulations! Black ones truly can fly, I'll PM you with the location of the red button 😉 Value for money wise, quicksilver is cracking. I've got a couple of fave underpasses which require the window down treatment 😎