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  1. Some more photos. Last photo shows the door "ding." Its so minor, its very difficult to photograph.
  2. ADDITIONAL INFO *3 owners total *2 working keys, 3rd key available, but is dismantled.
  3. Hi Adam, Yes the timing belt was done on schedule by a previous owner. The water pump wasn't done at the same time, but Lexus Nottingham said it was in good condition and not necessary. I've had the car 2 years, only covered around 5.5k miles. Cheers
  4. Hi all, Due Covid, I have for sale my 2005 silver RX300 SE-L reg FD05MVT. Silver metallic paint, with Pembroke black trim and wood pack. Has covered a little under 122,500 miles. Just serviced and MOT'd in June by Lexus Nottingham, passed with zero advisories. Lots of service history and all services in my ownership were carried out by Lexus Nottingham. The car has wanted for nothing in my 2 years of ownership. I have replaced or changed 1.Front discs and pads ( covered 2k max miles since change) 2.Front lower suspension arms 3.Both wing mirror glass (non auto tint replacements) 4.All 4 alloys refurbished like new 5.A/C freshly recharged 6.Headlights just restored, essentially like new. 7. 3 x new tyres with very little mileage on them. 8. 2 x new brake dust shields installed. 9. Fitted optional rear Lexus bumper protector. 10. Bonnet strut replaced. 11. New battery fitted Everything works, including the air suspension. The only minor thing, is the passenger wing mirror struggles to auto tilt when selecting reverse, otherwise adjusts perfectly via the controls. The spec given its age is excellent. Engine runs beautifully and gear box shifts up and down smoothly, as you would expect of a Lexus. The interior is in excellent condition, the leather is like new. All lexus floor mats, boot loading cover, jack etc present and it also has a aftermarket rubber boot liner. Will also include installed front dash camera. The bodywork is what you would expect of a 15 year old car. There are scratches and scuffs in the usual places, one very minor door ding, but nothing serious at all. The bonnet has numerous stone chips (all RX's I viewed at time of purchase, suffered the same). Having had a really close look at the car, I have spotted a tiny area of paint bubbling, just above rear bumper on the wing. Not spotted this before. I have reduced the price accordingly. Photo included. Overall a really good car and a reluctant sale. Location Nottingham, PM please for further info. Collection only. Thanks for looking. £2850 ono.
  5. Quick update, new pads seem to be absolutely fine and zero squeal. Happy 👍
  6. Had the tyre skipping issue whilst at full lock on my Alfa Romeo Giulia. As others have said, it's a known problem with certain cars, when the tyres warmed up it was fine.
  7. Looks beautiful, I was drooling over it a week or so back. Apologies for the poor photography.
  8. Other side done, easier when you know what you're up against. Had to replace the sensor on this one as couldn't remove the old one from the pad. Calipers have more chips than Harry ramsdens, save the repaint for another time. Thanks for the help all
  9. They were as bad as my carrier pins on the RX300, looked like they'd never seen any grease and were corroded solid. Can already see the brake backing plates starting the corrosion process 😐 I will see how I get on with these pads, obviously finding the rears will be more problematic. Most of my miles are motorway, so I'm sure they will be fine, the LS460 is a heavier beastie, so they will have enough stopping power for me. Would love to track her some day though 😈 Fortunately no youtube GSF moments today, I shoved a trolley jack under the lower suspension arm busher just to be sure!
  10. Ok one side done, the bolts were an absolute bazza to get out. Lots of surface corrosion meaning a lump hammer was needed and plenty of WD40. Clips, pads and pins all nicely lubed now, round 2 tomorrow 😂 Oh and my calipers will need a repeat at some point, too many chips to mention 😔
  11. Cheers guys. I ordered Proslip grease from amazon, supposedly approved by Toyota. Comes in 3 tubes, one for pins, one for clips and one for the pads. Not cheap, hopefully it's ok.
  12. @Comedian what grease did you use on the pins / bolts? I've got copper grease for the pads. That GSF video gave me nightmares 😱
  13. I will be installing the new pads this week. Any gotchas doing it, or is it a simple job? Cheers