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  1. I remember the manager at Mercedes Blackpool telling me they were doing some stonking deals on the SLS. What a car that is. Not so many years ago you could pick up a gen 1 NSX for circa 30k, now look at their prices!
  2. Yeah they sorted the bolt issue around 2010 / 11. I believe there is an issue with the camshaft lifters, the metal simply erodes away and there is no fix. Only way to tell is to take the head off. Can't remember if this is to do with oil starvation at the top of the engine or inferior metal being used on the lifters. Also given the fact it is a 6.2 in a c class, means every job is that bit more difficult due to lack of space. I would have still potentially got one, but the fuel tank is simply not big enough for my needs.
  3. Washed mine, then heavens opened, havnt even had chance to drive her. Now shes covered in rain dirt 🙄
  4. Good luck and stay healthy. It could be my Mrs has just had it, 38 temp but no other symptoms. Turns out she had served 2 confirmed cases at work, so likely that she has had it. She got away extremely lightly if that is to be the case. Lexus finance are being proactive and contacting customers to see if they need help. Going to leave it as long as possible. I think I might be ok.
  5. I take it you mean the M4 😂 I've always fancied a M156 powered car, but don't fancy the potential bills associated with the inherent design issues. BMW M cars just don't do anything for me at all. Lexus reliability won the day, plus I really like the design, especially the seats. Still love the quicksilver.
  6. I didnt realise the current gen C63 is so heavy and people have a dig at the RCF!
  7. I still remember seeing my first NSX on the road (as a kid), not sure I've seen one since. A truly iconic car, designed with help from one hell of a driver.
  8. A series 1 NSX is a good call, they have rocketed up in value. Always had a hankering for an Aston, a V12 Vantage manual would be amazing, but again rocketing up in price. Couldn't afford to run one anyway. A mint 90's MR2 GT T-Bar to throw around the country lanes. I'd have a C8 quite happily out of brand new cars. My list goes on to be fair.
  9. That is one mean looking beast. Now where have I seen that particular body / caliper paint combo before 😁
  10. She was filthy, thankfully no longer!
  11. I'm stuck with fairly heavy HP payments on the RCF, but I should be able to make it work. I've read through the contract and I've not got many options anyway! The wife will go before the F goes, I've got a bad joke, but probably not forum appropriate 😆 I'm being made to take unpaid leave at work, so things will be tight. Just applied for a new mortgage aswell, as my current deal is running out. If work pressure continues long term, I shall have to reassess.
  12. Hi all. Need some running repairs done on my RX and the place I used before, no longer installs parts sourced by customers. Has anybody got any recommendations for the Nottinghamshire area? Cheers
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. I've ultimately ordered the Brembo pads (P83154n). They've worked out at £55 as I could not use the discount code on them. So that's £230 for Brembo pads and discs for the front axle. Not too bad. Will have to keep an eye out on the rears 😫
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. The brembos are $75 plus tax, so around $80. I might be able to get 10% of that. So at around £50 they work out less than half the price of the EBC redstuff. Might be worth a gamble.