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  1. She looks like mine, although I’ve got pimped black wheels 😁
  2. He’s still mourning the loss of his “Rat-mobile” 😅 @Big Rat was beyond helpful when it came to my purchase, top bloke, that’s all I can say.
  3. You’ll be pleased to hear It’s nothing like the Mustang, it’s on another level imho. I loved the interior, I must admit, Chevy are outdoing Ford BIG time as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t say it’s quite Lexus or Audi, but it kicks Fords *****. If they did a RHD at a reasonable price, I’d seriously consider one, but the luggage space is a killer for me. Besides, I love my new toy 😍
  4. Having driven the current gen stingray, i think that Chevy have long since dispensed with the cheap plastic interiors. I was shocked how good the interior was. Leather and soft touch everywhere I felt. Very impressed.
  5. I’m not proud, but I managed to do Nottingham to Gatwick airport return (360 miles ish) on 3/4’s of a tank 😂 Very impressive economy when needed! It’s only around 7mpg worse than my 2.0 Alfa and is quite a bit better than my wife’s XC60 T5. I did find myself finding an excuse to pull off into the services, only to accelerate down the slip road again 😍 Installed my dash cam properly yesterday, was pretty easy to conceal the power chord. Much neater than having wires dangling everywhere. It seems to be quite popular as well, quite a few positive comments from neighbours, colleagues etc So far I’m enjoying F ownership 😀
  6. I've noted a squeal coming from my brakes aswell, I assume it's doing it to copy my RX! 😂 Only noticed it a week or so after I got home from picking her up from the dealer. It seems to be under lighter brake applications, but will check tomorrow.
  7. Off to the states this summer and plan to pick up some pads and or rotors to save a few quid. Where have people been ordering them from states side?
  8. Bargain.... I’ll take 2 😅 Those figures are mind blowing. That GFV is truly a killer, I had the same problem when looking to buy a Mustang a few years ago. They were massively undervaluing their GFV’s, but at the time, a 3 year old stang had only depreciated a grand a year, so I would have potentially had upwards of £15k in positive equity by contract end. The monthly payment was substantially more than I wanted to pay at the time and I didn’t want to take the risk on residuals with a facelift due.
  9. I believe Mercedes are still working on a new V8, but Aston and McLaren are working on new V6’s, only from what I’ve seen from YouTube. I truly hope that NA V8 and V12 engines make a comeback.
  10. @Flytvr your ex is stunning, there is no doubt. She was outside my budget, otherwise given that she was just around the corner from me, I would have checked her out.
  11. Black cars are a nightmare to stay on top of cleaning wise, but when they are at their best, they take a lot of beating! My 6 series was black, it showed every damn scratch going, none of my own doing I hasten to add, it’s the joy of airport car parks!
  12. Work of art, alas one of the last of a dying breed 😩
  13. I have been ensuring the traction control works today and the closest I can liken the driving experience to is a Corvette Stingray I hired in the states a couple of years ago. You can almost see the nose raise under hard acceleration, LOVE it 😍 Growing to hate speed limits even more, she’s just starting to open up when...... oh no foot on brake time. She will be getting detailed and ceramic coated next month, one too many Rat like foot prints in the lacquer @Big Rat 🤣 It would appear the bonnet attracts stone chips, not surprised given the size. Ceramic won’t help, too late for PPF, but I will have to do something at some stage to calm my OCD 😅 Everyone loves the seats and plenty of room for my wife and daughter inside which is great. I am well and truly loving her, almost having to come up with excuses to go out and drive! She appears to be quite a bit more economical than my 05 RX300 which would have been my daily drive had I gone with plan a and not bought a new car to replace my Alfa.