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  1. It would appear you have to remove the lower centre console (simple enough) and then remove the radio and the screen. After that it looks plug and play. Would take a little bit of time, but perfectly doable. Would be paranoid about damaging my new CF panel removing it 🙄
  2. Installation complete, I love it, what do you guys think?
  3. Looks a great upgrade and really brings it up to current media standards. I wonder how reliable these units are?
  4. No further info? I need to know how much I need to save and how easy it is to upgrade, it looks too good to not do it!
  5. I obviously had the fronts replaced shortly after and the fitters (even when using protective covers) marked one of the wheels, but did not strip off any paint. I hadn't heard anything from the supplier until today, was pleasantly surprised to read their response. Kudos to them.
  6. Must say that blue takes me back to 1980's interiors when the whole dash would be that colour. I'm not a fan, the steering wheel is just overkill imho
  7. Nottingham is a nightmare for traffic cameras of all varieties. I may have let my right foot slip a couple of times on the M40, that road essentially a race track it seems anyway 😆 The problem is, you just get in the power band and you're already touching naughty speeds. Awesome engine.
  8. Update The tyre supplier has admitted liability and will pay for 80% of the refurb cost at my chosen refurb specialist. 80% being as I had already slightly kerbd the wheel, which is completely fair. Positive outcome. Very good customer service.
  9. Just by way of an update, I've booked in with Lee with for a full paint correction, detail and ceramic. Seems a top bloke and I know he will do a great job. Pics to follow in November.
  10. Another one for main dealer I'm afraid. I wouldn't by a car without full LSH. F cars are so rare, I'm not sure if I've ever seen one on the road, I saw an ISF years ago in the main dealer showroom, but that's it. I took out a 3 year service plan which they kindly knocked 10% off the total plan cost and then i obviously elected to pay monthly. I've even got a service plan on my old RX, but that's as we dont have a local Toyota / Lexus specialist.
  11. They are currently being made by Elvin and should be with me next month. I will post pics once they are installed 😁