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  1. I wouldn’t be able to do the later date, it’s a long old drive for me, but an excuse to find some tunnels perhaps 😈
  2. Must admit, love the carbon fibre interior, wish the RC F had a touch more!
  3. Well daughter is up for it! Now to find a dog sitter!
  4. I’m worried about being surrounded by NSX’s, SUPRA’s, CELICA GT4’S, MR2 MK2’s etc I might not be able to control myself 😂 If I can persuade my daughter we might well come down, she loves cars as well and I want to encourage this behaviour!
  5. 32” Well that’s me buggered 😂 Seriously, that is not going to help things. I guess I could get out through the sun roof or through the ski hatch 😂 Wait for fridays post, anyone recommend a good body shop for door re sprays 🤣
  6. Ok so the garage is roughly 2260mm at its narrowest (waste down pipe one side and electrical conduit on the opposite) the RCF is 1845 mm mirrors folded, 2070 mirrors extended, so just under 4 inches clearance either side with mirrors out (Ish). It’s tight, I’ll offer it up once and wimp out I think 😂
  7. Lol ultimately I can’t see it fitting in ours either, modern garages are next to useless. I had to clear the garage anyway, that’s my excuse.
  8. Cheers Comedian. I’m hoping I can fit her in the garage, I may need to sleep in it, but I’m clearing out the garage to find out 😅 I will still get the Stoplock for public car parks etc.
  9. They seem to have a nice selection of cars there, so I’m not surprised they sent it to Lexus for a service. Great tyres on as well! I was sat for a few days thinking, I really want an RCF, but ...... So glad I managed to get my hands on one and a decent one at that, well @Big Ratis a bit of a legend on here and it was his baby, so I’m sure it’s top notch! First time I’ve purchased a car without seeing it, Berger mind driving it! I must admit I love the Azure blue you’ve got, that was the colour I started off wanting, but velvet black looks pretty damn mean as well. Will probably get mine detailed as well, as and when I can find some cash 😂
  10. Funny thing, I called on the day you had your offer accepted 😂 looks a nice one!
  11. Both my brother in law and my best mate had Scoobies, cracking cars to be fair. I always quite liked the WRX STi spec d, wolf in sheep’s clothing! Did you get the blue one which was advertised down that way?
  12. Welcome to the club, I pick my up RC F on Thursday, can’t wait! 34 mpg on a run sounds good! I’m going to need that given my drive to work 😅 Come join us in the F owners forum, the waters warm, although it will probably make you want to swap off the factory exhaust! I’ve arranged for an aftermarket one to be fitted by the dealer prior to pick up 😁
  13. I remember as a kid going to the Toyota dealership (Mann Egerton Nottingham) in the early 90’s and seeing the line up of MR2, Celica, Supra and a brand new marque called “Lexus.” I would have happily had any of them, but the 3.0 Supra of the late eighties early nineties that was my dream car. I was always begging my dad to test drive a Supra, but it was a Carina or his beloved Camry that we’re on the menu. To my mind, Toyota lost their way BIG time and went from a brand I would always desire to purchase, to one that left their sports car heritage behind them and started to produce bland run of the mill products (no disrespect intended). The GT86 is a cracking little car, I appreciate the design costs are massive, but I truly feel they’ve missed a trick with the new Supra. It may be a cracking car (it sounds like it is) but to me, a true Supra it isn’t. It’s not so much the engine (BMW know how to make a straight 6) it’s the damn BMW interior. my two penneth anyway
  14. Sorry to resurrect this old thread. I live (relatively speaking) up north and i have fitted winter tyres to both my Alfa and my 640d in the past. With my Alfa, I couldn’t get across the pavement onto my drive when we had a few flakes of snow without a fight, so winter tyres it had to be. With them on, I could drive on snow almost like in the dry, totally transformed. With my BMW, I purchased a spare set of brand new borbet alloys with tyres for less than a grand and sold them on a well known auction site after 2 years. Again, car transformed, even just in the wet. I was sold on winter tyres given their superior performance from 7*c and below and the fact they wear more slowly. My winters on both sets of cars were far cheaper than my summers as well. I will certainly investigate winter tyres for the RC F, whether that be with a spare set of wheels or not. My long commute necessitates I’m ready for all conditions in the winter, the RX I’m sure would hack it, but she ain’t getting any younger, but I suppose for the one or 2 snowy days we get, she’d manage.