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  1. Hi Guys. Would anyone have electrical drawings for a960e transmission? I'm looking for wiring loom from solenoids to ecu. As everyone probably know issues with shift solenoid C are quite common and i have already done few of those boxes myself with success. This time my own car i'm working on develops strange fault and symptoms are same as always: 3rd and no higher however, after solenoids and oil and filter replacement 1-3rd are smooth as new. Checked all solenoids again, all good, checked wiring and resistance to gnd, all good, testing on techstream actuates all but 1(SLU) solenoid and i just need to confirm what that solenoid does and when. Any help would be highly appreciated. Regards, Adam
  2. All sorted. Everything went back to normal day after and for all last week no fault regarding lambdas came back. Strange, but happy with results.
  3. Oyy. Stop crying. I Still have cassette player in mine and yet i enjoy it. You know it's a car not an I pod right 😂 ?
  4. Hi Steve. No, I used oe equivalent Intermotor. Used them before and never had problem like this. Had originals failing in clients cars and it always was a successful fix.(no longer in trade full time) Shame I didn't read live data straight after replacement to be sure I had them within spec. Strange thing is that post cats normally pop the fault on cold engine and i had a faultless journey this morning.
  5. Hi Dalius. That is a lot of money, but considering that you've only just pass and you live in London somewhat I'm not surprised. I'm 33 driving since 2006, 13 years no claim and I'm still paying over £800 a year. Unfortunately that's the average cost of running this car. Hope you'll enjoy that comfort and don't have to work too hard to cover it's cost.
  6. Hi Everyone. New to club but spent most of my life working on cars and driving Lexus. Hope that someone may have answer to my question about P0138 and P0158 Codes. Obviously i know those are related to both post cat oxygen sensors and as i have already diagnosed they both were faulty and reading something silly like 7V. I have already replaced both of them yesterday, cleared codes drove to work (about 30min) no problems. Or so i thought. Got in the car after work, started engine and after few seconds warning lights came back up. Thought it may be my CVT transmission (btw I'm waiting for solenoids to fix that issue) but no , codes P0138, P0158 came back. Did scan and live data showing front sensors within spec about 0.7v and post cat 3.3v. Strange thing is both sides are reading same values, pre and post cat. Anyone ever came across that issue?
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!