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  1. Chris, By sound connections, I meant check the cables are firmly attached to the battery posts. Check by just trying to rotate or move them by hand. Regarding the 12 volts, you don't want to be at 0% on this chart i.e. circa 10.5 volts. I would expect your battery is a wet type.
  2. First off I would check your connections at the battery are sound. Second I would use a multimeter to check your battery voltage is circa 12 volts & if ok check you've got voltage at your fuse boxes. If you haven't got a multimeter, you can buy one for £9 from Screwfix.
  3. My thoughts are only to use caustic soda or sulphuric acid on semi blocked pipes (just like Piers did). The logic being that if it doesn't clear a totally blocked pipe and you have to use mechanical means to clear it; then you're going to be dealing with some very unfriendly liquid in the way.
  4. I would add a note of caution regarding diy on a hybrid's brakes. You will need to do your homework as the hybrid's brakes use an electric hydraulic pump which needs to be disabled by disconnecting the 12V battery (as the pump can operate even when not in the 'ready' mode). However that shouldn't stop you working on them as the dealers are often neglectful e.g. regarding lubrication or freeing up of the floating brake calliper pins.
  5. They look pretty hefty cables, do they connect to the starter motor or the battery? I wonder if the joint's function is a cable connector rather than an earthing point. Is this a 'if it ain't broke don't fix it situation'? Have you any problems or symptoms with your car?
  6. How very odd behaviour in a 27k miles 5 year old car. Could it be fuel contamination?
  7. I'd start by checking the state of charge your 12v battery with a multimeter.
  8. Isn't this addressed by Zotto's post above; option is for year of production (1508 means August 2015)
  9. My 2014 GS300h Premier provides alternative routes. You can setup the 'detour' options by going to MENU (on the map screen) then 'Route' on the navigation menu screen then select 'Detour'. You then have various options i.e. 'Around traffic event' & 'Whole route' (to calculate an entire new route to the destination.
  10. Suggest you try replacing the expansion tank cap as it might have a weakened release valve.
  11. If the battery is in the boot it's likely to be an AGM type. Rather than spending 140 euros on the dealer, I would suggest you use a multi-meter to check the battery charge as and when the problem re-occurs. These hybrids only recharge the battery at circa 5A so it does take a fair bit of time driving to re-charge the battery.
  12. Be aware WD40 is not the best rusted bolt fluid to use in my opinion. In fact Car Mechanics did a comparison test published here: Results gave GT85 (8 out of 14 for performance), Plus Gas Formula A (8/14) Bilt Hamber Ferrosol (8/14) but WD40 (5/14) 'Obviously we couldn’t do a penetrating oils test without having this household name in the group. But, somewhat predictably, WD-40 cannot quite cut it against the dedicated automotive brews. Part of the reason for this is the very reason that WD-40 has become such a big-selling product: its incredible versatility. Just reading the tin identifies diverse applications like polishing brushed metal surfaces, preventing slugs from climbing plant pots, and even cleaning crayons off washable surfaces. Another great bonus of the product is the simple fact that practically everywhere sells it. And, in all reality, compared to our fully dry ‘test control’ bolt, WD-40 did reduce the loosening torque and it certainly made it easier to spin the bolt out – just not anywhere near as effectively as other products here.
  13. I think I was told when I bought my car that the main benefit of Nanoe was to de-odourise the interior air. I've just looked again at my handbook & learned something. To get the Nanoe to work effectively you need the fan to be operating & you must have the driver's side front centre air vent open. Incidentally I always drive with the air conditioning on and hence find it vital to drink plenty of fluids on long journeys to avoid de-hydration; even in winter.
  14. Check out other videos on doing a Prius or Auris hybrid brakes & read the posted guides on this Lexus & the Toyota UK owners club forums. Note the precautions you need to take to avoid the auto pressurising of the brake fluid. Recommend you invest in this set of tools to wind the rear caliper in.
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