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  1. Just like to add, this is the S model without a amp. Do I have to splice the wires into the new head unit?
  2. Hi, I’m wanting to replace the oem stereo. I have the lead(doesn’t fit, the pins are the wrong way around on the connector that connects from the cars original to the wiring harness) need a harness that goes to a 16 pin connector for the new stereo) plus I have the facia adapter, is there any tutorials on how to fit the facia adapter? I’m having trouble installing the new brackets that go on the old stereo and AC bracket. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi, I’ve recently(last few days) got a 2001 is200. It’s a bit of a change from a Picasso 1.6hdi but was wondering what are the best/common mods to do? Like interior mods, engine mods etc. The cig lighter doesn’t work,checked fuse it’s fine so replacing the cig socket off eBay. Was thinking of hard wiring a USB port into the dash(charge my phone etc a lot) so was wondering what the usual mods are. Only issues I have with it are cig socket and the dreaded error 3 on CD player. Which needs sorting because of the awful noise every time I turn car on so yeah, looking for advice/tips thanks guys
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!