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  1. Thank you for your help guys. You confirmed what I already suspected. Looks like Tom Tom from now. Cheers.
  2. I’ve just acquired this rx450h and can’t fault it except the sat nav is rubbish. It seems to take me in the opposite direction by trying to turn me off on some really illogical directions. I know most sat navs are far from perfect but not this bad. i thought an update might do the trick but Lexus want £180 and the car in for two hours. I don’t use the sat nav enough to justify it but would like it doing a better job. it cant be brain surgery to DIY update can it? I see various software for sale but I can’t find enough details about the system In this car and how to update it. I know about the info in ‘map data’ but it’s not much help. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Steve

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