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  1. Can anyone tell me if I should change my differential oil, lexus say keep saying everything is life time, am nearly on 100k and I know it needs changing. Has anyone changed the oil on a 300h and what oil shall I use? This is a hybrid IS.
  2. He said it shoulda been done yesterday, but wasn't, so should be today. I really dont know what is going on, I recommend your file and he didn't want to even try it. I really need the car back fixed.
  3. Its sounds like the ring is rattling, when you took yours apart, did it seem the mechanical side can be broken?
  4. Ok it's done, the millage is now moving but my moving dial is not, the background moves across but the mechanical ring dont move. He said it's he needs a different software and will be done next week. I didn't realise this should be a problem, is it possible it's been programmed with a non f sport hex file?
  5. BMWs and Mercs mainly. I think on this model lexus its different because of the moving cluster. I dont know.
  6. Thanks bro, you been really helpful, I will give the garage the file, he said it's a easy fix, but I dont know if he kept the original save from the original ic or from current ic. Am in Bristol, so am miles away. Lexus do overcharge and the technician are not fully trained. I wanted my rear seat belt alarms turned off (this can done done by lexus on the mk2) and they said it impossible but it can be done with the carista app using a bt obd. Thanks again you been really helpful and il keep you updated, I hope it is a easy fix, the garage i used specialize in remaps and other vehicle programming.
  7. Mine is a is300h f sport 2014 British model in miles not km. Can you send me the dump file which worked on your? How easy would it be for the garage to alter your hex to match my mile? Could you altar and send me a second file with 96k? Could the garage change the 3rd hex code minus 1 mile which would be the 3rd hex? Sorry for all the questions, but its a little frustrating atm and am only able to get information from you.
  8. Millage correction was done, since then both trips works but the odo mine millage is stuck on the millage I wanted it changed to 95k. So am guessing he will need desolder the chip and put a new chip? Dose the new chip need a file before it can be programmed and if so can you send me this file? Am taking it back to him this week so il need to find out from him if he has blank chips and the correct software.
  9. So I had a correction done on my is300h f sport, millage is not going up but the trip a and b is working. The garage said to bring it back to them next week. Is this the similar issue you had and what did you do to fix it?
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