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  1. thanks Farqui, noticed that bumper before but the grill badge in not the facelift blue lexus badge which tells me its a 2008 before the facelift, the search continues
  2. thanks Farqui, had a look at Lexuspartsdirect but for some reason never saw what you showed me, My AC condensor has packed up so brought a new one but first time taking bumper off it has been previously damaged and repaired so am looking at getting it replaced but many pre 2008 bumpers second hand for sale but little facelift, recommend and bodykits? mine is the sport with the front lip but again hardly and bodykits about
  3. Hi all I am looking for a facelift gs450h 2008-20010 front bumper, does anyone know how i can get the part number? I see on ebay pre facelift bumpers but i dont think they will fit, is that right, appreciate any help, many thanks
  4. Just upgraded mine last week, eurocarparts LED 501w5w canbus friendly bulbs, well worth it £8.99
  5. Hi John With the start button on orange the wipers work yes just no water
  6. My windscreen washers are not working, so far i have cleaned the jets with a pin, disconnected the t-joint under the bonnet and checked for dirt, checked no pipes are kinked so next step i guess is checking the fuse, i dont have a manual but i think its a 30amp fuse looking at the fuse plastic cover index, cant seem to pull it out and check as they are so small and awkward to get to, and i have a habit of breaking things in my hands, anyway question it a 30amp fuse, could it be the washer jet motor thats gone? anyone else had a same problem?
  7. Peter The ASSS suspension system was on the sport model and i think an optional extra on the 450h
  8. Hi Paul Did you pick up the 450h? I have recently got a 58 plate also. am also thinking of modding my one, let me know how you get on and what mods you will be doing
  9. Hi John I am referring to the side orange strip inside the headlight
  10. I don't like the orange indicators inside the front headlight on the GS450h i think it dates the car, any ideas on somehow changing the lens to clear? Has anyone done this or heard of it being done or even any ideas
  11. My skills are very limited, but understood what you wrote, now have some options as to what to do, thanks for your helpful post
  12. thanks John for your help, i think its wishful thinking that its gonna be the crank shaft sensor, not sure what to do but either way its gonna be expensive
  13. Thanks Britprius for your reply, yes that does seem to be the conclusion that the timing chain has been stretched, I spoke to a "master technition at Lexus and he said if it was a stretched timing chain then another fault code would come up, so I just wanted to change the camshaft sensor before committing to such an expensive job, so brought the sensor but now not sure where its located haha
  14. As title says i have the error code p0017 crankshaft position camshaft position correlation bank 1 sensor b and i have brought the sensor and as i am running out of money i want to fit the sensor myself but not sure which/where the sensor is, any help please anyone, my car is 2008 450h