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  1. Hi all. My first Lexus will be ready on Monday. It's big, blue and seems to have every extra. It has a rear nudge bar and side steps which are great. The chrome strips round the lights may be a bit much.... So I googled replacements and found some awesome LED strip tail lights (at £500!!!) If anyone knows a better source, I'd love to know. Aliexpress no longer have them.... I'm going to need a tow bar for a caravan. I saw some comments about small batteries that run flat quickly and links to chargers that connect to the EOBD plug. Does anyone have any ideas where I can source accessories for it? Ebay seems full of second hand bits or rubber mats. My three girls are missing my Delica and I need to make this new vehicle quirky enough to take their minds off it! Anyone got an awesome accessory ideas they can share? Thanks
  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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      Thanks! I've done my first post.... Let's see how the members respond. Fingers crossed for inspiration.