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  1. I would love to get my hands on some genuine Lexus grey ones. I dont know the part number for them otherwise i would look to import from Japan
  2. Hi. I am looking for some Genuine Lexus LS400 MK4 floor mats in GREY. Thanks
  3. 5w30 , Lexus do a very good deal on service kits. Got 6l of oil plus air and pollen and oil filter for 65 quid
  4. Sorry for hijacking your thread. My plate shows 941 as color code however the trim code is LH15 and I can not find that touch up paint anywhere..even Lexus dont do it anymore. I could get 941 from Amazon but thats about that
  5. Quoted 530 pounds to replace the starter. Now the money I saved can go towards a new timing belt.
  6. Yes, contact and plunger surfaces were very worn Took me 4 hours to remove the starter....waited for parts couple of days and then took 3 hours to put everything back.... I am not very organized , waste a lots of time looking for tools
  7. All back up and running Thanks for help guys
  8. Thanks for your great advice. Ordered 2 bushes all in for 54GBP... Eith import taxes on top still better than Lexus 76GBP per bush.
  9. Hi Malc Do you know the exact part number for these bushes? I have got a part number but apparently its old 48674-50052. Have you used amayama before? How quick is their shipping?
  10. Hi guys. My strut rod bushes need replacing, I was tempted to go down the polyurethane bushes route due to durability and super easy fitting, however I have read that they ruin Lexus Ls ride and make it very firm which i don't want. I can only find one or two suppliers that have them on Ebay but they are unknown aftermarket parts , Does anybody know where can I get good quality aftermarket ones? Anything like Lemforder ? I am sure genuine lexus ones will be very expensive.
  11. Cambelt probably easier as it is big parts that need unbolting , this is like a brain surgery with various clips and hoses and brackets all over the place All I can say is this is a proper faff....the manifold is so heavy that i had to get someone to help lift it....and that fuel pipe doesn't help either
  12. Here we are. intake manifold is many hoses,clips,connectors and bolts and obviously scraped knuckles. Most of the connectors didn't budge, a spray of ptfe lubricant on the locking tab helped a lots. I got the started off but waiting for the contacts and pluger kit....i only managed to brake one plastic vent/drain at the bottom of the starter, not sure if they are replacable?
  13. Would it be enough to drain couple of litres coolant from the bottom of radiator where the little drain hose is?
  14. Excuse my ignorance but who is Steve? Whats his forum nickname