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  1. I like your build and I can see the effort you are putting to restore the car to its former glory. I have always been a stock original spec person, I cant help not to comment on the K&N air filter. Cool air thats sucked in from the outside is more dense than warm air the K&N gets inside the hot engine bay
  2. Standing for 3 years isn't going to do the brakes any good. Fill up with fresh new fluid and bleed, if any leaks are present you ll find them then
  3. Lexus quoted 51 quid for 5L dont know if it can be bought cheaper anywhere?.... remember due to GBP to USD collapse prices of parts have gone higher
  4. The guy who did the job works on his own and he has always been very competitive in his pricing...
  5. I Thought that by the book its at least a 6 hrs job
  6. Hi. Just a quick enquiry here chaps... Does anyone know any good Type 4 ATF equivalents for a cheaper price? I found Mannol 3309 claims its Type 4 equivalent however did anyone here used them
  7. I think its the aircon dryer pipes where they join a union block , i suppose some o.ring there has failed
  8. update Had the timing belt , tensioner , pulleys and water pump job done. Got the gates kit from Ebay for 168 pounds tensioner SkF came from France for 38 pounds. 11 litres of coolant Labour 180 quid
  9. Bilt Hamber products are excellent. I use s50 for cavities and UB for underbody with excellent results Do it yourself , messy , smelly but easy.
  10. I did clean the area before using loads of brake cleaner only to find out that the leak has returned, Its coming from the pipes that are clamped on rad and going to the aircon dryer. I would say it's aircon lubricant oil
  11. I went again and had a look, all i can see is some pipes connected to aircon compressor. But surely if they leak my aircon shoud be dead by now.and its working fine??? Had a look at the U shaped PAS steering lines In front of rad and they are not leaking
  12. Thanks. Thats more likely. I was worried it might be the transmission lines. Is the power steering fluid cooled at the rad?
  13. Hi. I have this oily stain front of the radiator....dunno what is the problem, there seems to be some metal pipes there attached to radiator...they could be the ones leaking? Anyone got an idea? Please see picture. Thanks
  14. Yeah. Starter repair kit 18GBP Intake manifold gasket 40GBP Coolant bridge gasket 25 pounds And some coolant to top up