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  1. Awesome many thanks. I will get the old gal welded and I will paint the area with epoxy paint after rust removal.
  2. Is this trim made of 3 sections? Two wing like which are mastiked to the car body and a long strip under the rear screen? Or it is one single piece? Thanks
  3. Is that mastic there to hold that trim down or it to keep water away?
  4. Hi chaps. I sorned the old girl for the winter and one of things that needed doing was to sort out the leaky boot . I removed the old weather strip and found a bit of surface rust on the bottom lip which I will treat with some rust remover untill all gone. However , to add to my misery the left side lip has a section about 2-3 cm that needs welding... I need to remove the black trim that runs under the rear screen to sort some rust . It seem like the sides are glued or mastiked to the metal. See pics. Thanks
  5. Double check the alternator is working properly. It did happen for me before when replacement alternator that I bought was faulty . If there is enough room you could try and connect the positive lead of the multimeter to the terminal on the back of the alternator and find a good ground ... see if the voltage is same low or higher.
  6. I like your build and I can see the effort you are putting to restore the car to its former glory. I have always been a stock original spec person, I cant help not to comment on the K&N air filter. Cool air thats sucked in from the outside is more dense than warm air the K&N gets inside the hot engine bay
  7. Standing for 3 years isn't going to do the brakes any good. Fill up with fresh new fluid and bleed, if any leaks are present you ll find them then
  8. Lexus quoted 51 quid for 5L dont know if it can be bought cheaper anywhere?.... remember due to GBP to USD collapse prices of parts have gone higher
  9. The guy who did the job works on his own and he has always been very competitive in his pricing...
  10. I Thought that by the book its at least a 6 hrs job
  11. Hi. Just a quick enquiry here chaps... Does anyone know any good Type 4 ATF equivalents for a cheaper price? I found Mannol 3309 claims its Type 4 equivalent however did anyone here used them