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  1. I am sorry to dig this out again. I noticed a OBD2 like port in the engine bay, attached to one of the engine accessories. Is this a variant or some other Toyota electrickery? This is a UK model. Many Thanks
  2. You have a point, when a car is at an engineering zenith, theres hardly much leeway to make it "better". Only movement left is lateral. Mine is simply that the engine and gearbox are being loaded into a classic Merc (can't wait for the reaction in the Merc forums!). The seats also have a chance ofngoingnin, but its a coupe. I could just slide the seats forward to allow entry, but a proper tilt and slide would be more in keeping.
  3. Ah poop, I need to find a solution for this, so seats from coupe may not work? I think the proper term is UCF20 for the model? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I want to swap out the front seats of my LS400, model 20. Has anyone installed forward folding seats from another 2dr Lexus to a 4 door and had it work? I am not particularly interested in retaining memory functions. Just want access from the front, no matter how small the gain is with the narrower front door. Thank You Regards
  5. Hello all, I am getting a fuzzy picture on the OBD2 diagnostics capability of these vehicles. Can anyone break it down for me please: Does the 1998 LS400 VVTi have a OBD2 port capable of using TORQUE or similar via a WiFi or BT interface? Where is this OBD2 socket? Some say there might be two, different types on these cars? Any advice appreciated Regards
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!