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  1. Not to my knowledge...but learning new things all the time. More experienced members might be able to better answer. Keep the acceleration needle below the "ECO" level is the only way I know.
  2. A bit of fun today. In town, happened to pull up at the lights next to a 2017 Prius. Joked to the wife, "Look, I'm going to give this Prius a race" (fortunately she's easily amused). Pulled away slowly at exactly the same speed as Prius, both of us obviously attempting to keep it in electric. Held up everyone behind us for a bit as we slowly accelerated but the Prius driver seemed to find it as amusing as me. He won by the way but I was rather heavily loaded. Is this normal behaviour to try to keep it in electric mode around town using gentle right foot action, or should we j
  3. Hello. Just bought my first CT. A 2016 model, it has the F-sport package and the red leather seats. Not new to Lexus, my last car was an ultra reliable, solid but gas-guzzling is200h (as per avatar!). First thing I noticed is a little wear/damage to the red leather in the usual places. As others on the forum have suggested, the black leather is probably more forgiving but I do like the red and am hoping I might be able to restore them. There are one or two other little cosmetic imperfections too. I get the impression it hasn't been particularly well looked after, hence me get
  4. My 2004 is200 steering became stiff and noisy...ended up being the belt only. A cheap fix!
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  6. Hi there I have an IS200 Sportcross. I've seen a nice pair of CT200H wheels advertised. I can't find any pics of an IS200 with these wheels or similar. Do you think they'll fit and look half decent? Opinions welcome, thanks, Dave. (Black Alloy Wheels (17" x 7.5"J) with Goodyear Eagle F1 215/45 R17 91Y)
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