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  1. Like a good few stories on this forum I had a 300 SE L(2005) for nearly 3 years and the air suspension started playing up at 61K miles so it went in p/x for my current 450h thankfully without air.If I had the time again I would not go down this route as the worry of if and when it may go wrong over arched the pleasure of owning the car. No doubt there are cars out there without this problem and there is always the default to convert to standard coils if it goes wrong but it would not be for me.Just my thoughts. You pays your money...................
  2. Lex-tekautos Sheffield. Last 2 annual services done on my 450h and good price as well as great service. Dave is ex Lexus and knows his stuff.Ask nicely and he will provide a courtesy car (Mk l rx300 ) then drive down the road to the country park and spend a few hours round the lakes in a lovely setting.Check his website for contact details.
  3. I know this has been mentioned in the past and it was from a previous post that I have used the following garage for my last 2 annual services. I can strongly recommend Dave at Lex-tekautos south of Sheffield.He had worked for 20 years at Lexus and has just serviced my 450h (plugs/ changed oil with filter/ pollen & air filters/rear brake pads) for a smidgen short of £400. If you're looking for an alternative give him a call.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. When I p/exed my 2005 RX300 sel (air suspension playing up) for an RX450 at Lexus Bolton 2 years ago, the 300 went to Moses Gate and went up for sale at twice the price of the p/x value.I presume it was sold as it was no longer advertised before they stopped trading They had quite a few Lexus advertised at the same time at prices that seemed to be beyond what the market as a whole was asking.It seems that this is the case with Stellar Motors.You pays your money................