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  1. Lex-tekautos Sheffield. Last 2 annual services done on my 450h and good price as well as great service. Dave is ex Lexus and knows his stuff.Ask nicely and he will provide a courtesy car (Mk l rx300 ) then drive down the road to the country park and spend a few hours round the lakes in a lovely setting.Check his website for contact details.
  2. I know this has been mentioned in the past and it was from a previous post that I have used the following garage for my last 2 annual services. I can strongly recommend Dave at Lex-tekautos south of Sheffield.He had worked for 20 years at Lexus and has just serviced my 450h (plugs/ changed oil with filter/ pollen & air filters/rear brake pads) for a smidgen short of £400. If you're looking for an alternative give him a call.
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  4. When I p/exed my 2005 RX300 sel (air suspension playing up) for an RX450 at Lexus Bolton 2 years ago, the 300 went to Moses Gate and went up for sale at twice the price of the p/x value.I presume it was sold as it was no longer advertised before they stopped trading They had quite a few Lexus advertised at the same time at prices that seemed to be beyond what the market as a whole was asking.It seems that this is the case with Stellar Motors.You pays your money................