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  1. hi guys, here are a couple of pics I took today, on this very chilly August morning here in Leeds, https://imgur.com/gallery/93pMwmF I wondered what your thoughts are on getting this sorted, would you reckon a replacement grille surround? And maybe a bit of fine touchupery on the lower bit of the moulding? Any idea what paint brand/colour would suit this if so? Cars an is300h 2018 thanks phil
  2. Thanks for your replies everyone, I’ve managed to source some 2nd hand popper charges and fitted myself, just need to get the ecu reset, I’m 700 quid down
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know if the is300h 2018 model shares the same front bumper with the Is250 2017 F Sport ? It looks very sameish, trying to get a new bumper for my is300h but struggling to find 😞 thank you
  4. Hi guys, I would like to ask if anyone can advise me with my bonnet on a 2018 Lexus IS 300H. It popped open due to a minor collision, but I’m unsure what needs doing, do I need new sensors or is this something I would need resetting at dealership? thank you, Phil
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