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  1. Thank you guys. This is really helpful. Yeah, I was thinking of actually going for a different trim level than the f-Sport as I've noticed that the big nav screen is less common on the sports trim. I will use the car mostly for normal driving around town but mostly weekend drives and road trips as I live in London and I definitely won't commute to work in it. But is nice to know that the car is not a slug on country roads. Thank you
  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  3. Hi all, I am new here and I have a question for the IS300h owners. Currently I have a 2011 BMW 3 series with a 3.0L engine and 250hp. The car offers great performance and I like it a lot but the car is really fragile and even though I bought it at under 60k miles, in 2.5 years and 20k miles I invested around 3k £ in repairs (excluding the normal maintenance and wear and tear parts), mostly things that should never go out at this age and miles in any car, things like valve cover, injectors, some sensors etc. I was thinking about buying a newer BMW or another German car but asking around my friends who have BMW, Audi and Mercedes they all experience the same kind of issues and every little thing that goes wrong with these cars is super expensive to fix and they happen all the time even if the car is well under 100k miles, so the age of the car is not the reason. I used to have a Mazda 3 car a few years back and that car was solid as a rock, sold it for almost nothing to a good friend and it has 100k miles now on it and it never ever went wrong. So I looked a little into Japanese cars and the only one I like is the Lexus. I know the IS is really reliable and it looks good too but I've read some reviews where they said that CVT gearboxes are mostly really annoying and that they can be sluggish and noisy. All the cars I've owned had manual transmissions but when going on holiday I had 4 different auto gearboxes and I was thinking I could live with one if it is decent but I am a little worried by the CVT reviews I've seen online. I think I drove a CVT once in a Toyota C-HR which was OK but it couldnt really handle any type of spirited driving but then again that one didn't have a sport setting or anything. The ZF I drove once in a BMW 2 series was absolutely superb. So I guess the question here is what are your experiences with the CVT in the Lexus IS 300h? Was there a shock coming from another cars or is it not that bad? When the time comes to get rid of the BMW I will probably look for a IS 300H around 2016, probably the F-Sport model and under 50k miles as I plan to keep the car for a while. Any help from owners would be appreciated. Many thanks