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  1. I'm sorry, Kia is a make of orange juice. I just can't get past that...
  2. Looks like where someone couldn't reach with the polish! 😉 Very odd though, assume you've tried polishing it out!?
  3. Ok apologies, stand corrected. Still got a Suzuki badge... 😉
  4. Completely disagree. There was a grave danger that in redesigning the NX they would design out the appeal of the shape and look of the first model which is stunning to look at, still. This even more aggressive looking version of the current look I think completely manages to update without losing what I loved and still love about the NX. It still looks very different to other SUVs on the road. They all fade into the background while this one continues to be a head turner. I'll be first in the queue.
  5. Waiting for mine at the moment (should be quite soon, reading between the lines) so your update is good to know. 👍👍
  6. Except the Land Rover ones will fail of course... 😂
  7. I think it makes it look very prestigious.
  8. At last! Excellent! With A 10 year warranty too. What's not to love?
  9. !!
  10. I have to unlock the car first, then press the tailgate button...
  11. The RXs that have been targeted do not have the same design as the NX, that is why they are targeted. The cat on the targeted cars are very simple to access and right under the centre of the car. You can see this in the many photos that have been posted of the missing cats. Also the RX is higher off the ground, making the theft quick and easy.
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