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  1. I don't believe so, but the buzz you get should change according to the distance to the nearest object (not to mention a display indicating the distance in the centre of your console) so you should be able to tell if something is VERY close. Mine also buzzes as I pull into my drive, but I'm never blasé about it, and quite happy that the car is nervous about the gap its got! Makes me think every time. Good luck with the repair.
  2. The 2019 NX F Sport and Takumi both have the Adaptive Headlights System.
  3. Fascinating! I think this may transform the way we consider quoted consumption figures in the future...
  4. I think you're spot on here. When I queried the change with the dealer (before I purchased) he played dumb as though he'd never heard that before.
  5. Well, you said you're getting 33ish, which is a little low, but based on quoted figures of 37, it's not far off, especially for short journeys in the winter. So,I don't think there's a problem.
  6. There was an anomoly in the quoted figures in the NX brochures last year - if you compare the two, one was c. 57mpg and the current brochure reads c.37mpg. The latter seems very accurate - I think the former was a mistake. Which figure are you working to?
  7. Hiya, just rreading this- I came from a Nissan X-Trail - bigger than the Qashqai and I used to get high 40s from the X-Trail - but don't be under any illusions that either of those cars are similar and therefore directly comparable with the NX. The NX is almost 2 tons in weight (luxurious and a lot of heavy tech) - so if it wasn't a hybrid, you'd be looking at about 22 mpg from an all-petrol engine. The fact that you have a hybrid means it's a lot better mpg than a non-hybrid NX (other countries) - and hence - high 30s and low 40s - but only when driven in an optimal way... "hybrid-drive"... 🙂
  8. Never had this. Perhaps the 2019 has an updated system...
  9. I haven't had this AT ALL. The system has never caused anyone to flash me and seems to work perfectly. Other than only operating above too high a speed. Which is a pain.
  10. I have a 2019 NX F Sport with the AHS system. As long as the Auto switch is on and the Main Beam stalk is pushed on, at 36mph or so, the main beam activates. If you've done all that then you may have a fault!
  11. Am I right in saying that Lexus Breakdown Service wasn't engaged for this (I know they're the same thing), but that you went through 'normal' AA procedures? If so that may have had a play in this.
  12. Er, how do you mute it? I always hit the power knob to shut it up.
  13. Good news re the Lexus response, that is what I'd expect from them. Thankfully living up to expectations on that front 👍