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  1. Old thread maybe, but still something I couldn't resolve, so will be trying again. Thanks for this 👍👍👍
  2. Thanks for this! Good to know, noted for the future 🙂
  3. I have downloaded the file again and unzipped it, sizes were all the same. I'll try again with a new Usb, just in case. Cheers
  4. Thanks 🙂 I've looked at the version a number of times. It always says 943. Difficult to say if the unit is seeing the update files because when I insert the USB it thinks for a few seconds and then proclaims it can't authenticate. 🤔 Do you think it's because I didn't delete those other 2 files in the FMU folder? Update: No, it's not that - just retried without the 2 extra txt files. Have also tried with and without an internet connection. Still no authentication. Don't get it
  5. Thought I'd update my maps today. Oddly my navdb_version shows "943" not 2019 V1 or anything. It's a 2018 F-Sport. Anyway when I plug in the USB stick to get the Request Code, it says "Could not be authenticated." rather than providing a Request Code. Any ideas? I don't think I can progress unless I get the Req Code.
  6. You using Google Maps then?
  7. No, not the same thing at all. It literally allows screen mirroring but even that doesn't allow some things to display while in motion, even sat Nov! Miracast is a bit of a pain to use in honesty. Android Auto is much much better.
  8. Oops, 1140. "For clarity" 🙄 Understood, cheers for that 👍
  9. Loads of RXs in UK, definitely not too large for our roads! There are many other vehicles, larger around...
  10. So, sorry guys, for clarity, 1440 to be done first or afterwards, or doesn't it matter?
  11. It sounds like you're referring to the natural sound of the CVT auto! Under load or acceleration, the engine will race at high revs without an associated increase in speed. Is that what you mean?
  12. When I test drove the NX, it was a base model and I wanted an F-Sport. The base model was lacking in things like the sunroof, AVS and triple headlights, and I'm so glad I wasn't put off by that car. I needn't have worried as I love the F Sport, it's a superior interior (black/black) and the pan roof (option) transforms it.
  13. Let me know if it's a Nextbase cam and you need any more help.
  14. They're Low Profile Mini fuses. I had the same issue installing my Nextbase dash cam. If you're also doing a Nextbase cam, you will need that type of tap with your installation kit. You can get them free from Nextbase but they don't come with the kit.