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  1. Hi David, yes, I can confirm that the charger starts immediately that power is applied, so should do what you're after. 👍
  2. So, for info, I checked the voltage with a multimeter this time (on 2 cars) to see whether the Foxsur unit ( was measuring correctly and on the one I got 13.17v on the multimeter and 13.2v on the Foxsur. I think this is reasonable given that it rounded up as it only displays to 1 decimal place. On the other battery I got readings of 12.8v on both the multimeter and the Foxsur, so I'm happy that it's accurate.
  3. I think I'm right in saying that that was the concept car for the current car! 😊
  4. I will meter check it the next time I charge and see if I get the same issue.
  5. I bought one of these, is fully automatic and runs as soon as you switch on at the mains, so should do as you want on a timer if you wished. HTH
  6. Here are the relevant pages of the tech document, there is overlap... and I'm not certain of the precise order, but it's all there - there are two parts - one for cars with the GPF (gas particulate filter) and one for cars without it. Essentially they're not a lot different and I don't think the 300h has the GPF... (anyone?) Hope they help. Steve
  7. Thanks John, so one of the electric motors is the starter motor! How come it doesn't need such high current as a normal starter motor?! 🤔
  8. I have to say the system intrigues me. I have a 2019 NX 300h - and I have an AA Car Genie fitted, which under normal circumstances monitors the car for faults - and on my previous car, a diesel Nissan X-Trail, it would happily tell me that my 12v battery had good charge for weeks on end. Now that the Genie is in my NX, it regularly a day or so after using the car, tells me that the 12v battery is low on charge and could do with a drive to charge it up. I have on a number of occasions now, ignored this warning and left it another week or so before getting in the car and driving it off quite normally. So now I don't know whether the Genie is misunderstanding the hybrid system and the role of the 12v battery and is a bit hypersensitive about it, or whether actually I should be charging the battery up far more than I am, and that I'm risking not being able to "start" the car...!? I read, on here, I think, that the cars don't have starter motors as such and the 12v has no possible way of providing the power required to start the engine - which begs the questions: is it true that there is no "starter motor" as such, does the 12v battery not matter much then if the charge is low, and is my Genie misunderstanding a hybrid 12v battery's role? Can anyone with hybrid knowledge explain, please? The answers could all be connected to your issue, I think.... Cheers
  9. Took the car out for the first time in a few weeks today (on an allowed journey, before anyone says anything!), I noticed that a message was displayed on the Infotainment screen that said "Service Gone". This message seems to be in place of the one that normally says it can't download from the database server due to no internet. Anyone know what the significance of this new message is?
  10. For anyone interested in Android Auto in the NX and retrofitting, in the UK, I can confirm that Lexus UK are able to let you know if your car is suitable for retrofitting with Android Auto capability. I let them have my NX F Sport 2019 model registration and they confirmed I'll be able to have it fitted from May this year. Just wish I knew if it was going to cost me. Nevertheless I'm quite sure it'll be worth it.
  11. Thanks 👍 I have to say I've been far more relaxed leaving my car places since I found this out. I seriously don't think a CatLoc is required for it... Cheers Steve
  12. This is not my experience so far. Both my key fobs are still fine, 6 months in. I do keep them both in RFID safe pouches though.
  13. Copy that, I'm a big Autoglim fan already. Off to Halfords I go. Cheers