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  1. Reviewed by Which in 2014, they said, "The Lexus NX complies with emission limits in official tests. However, when faced with our own, more realistic emission tests, the amount of CO (carbon monoxide) produced was so vast that it would not only fail all EU emissions limits set this century, but the Euro 1 limits from 1992 - despite it being a hybrid." I knew this before I bought mine in 2019 and it didn't put me off. I also wrote to Which to ask them to retest as there have been a few tweaks since then. Looks like they never did, so still quote this fact all the time. ☹️
  2. I've definitely had EV mode at 50mph - I don't think it's that unusual. Depends on circumstances.
  3. If you check out the earlier parts of this thread, you will see that no one so far has reported a cat theft from an NX, probably because the cat is so difficult to get to (see all the diagrams and discussion). On the RX it's easily accessible and aided by the height of the vehicle. I don't worry any more as I have an NX.
  4. What model do you have? If an NX you really have nothing to worry about. If an RX you probably need to take precautions.
  5. Chuffed to bits with my Android Auto upgrade on my NX 2019. Having Google Maps displaying satellite view is fabulous. It suggests destinations based on where I've been before at similar times, and having to plug it in when I get in the car is simply not any sort of issue at all. Much prefer Google Maps to Waze (also owned by Google) as, like someone else has said, it is too cartoon like for me. Google Maps remains the original and best Android map system.
  6. Undoubtedly spot on. Looks need to be kept for the next gen, perhaps even crisper, but the drivetrain needs a nice more-performance, better-economy improvement as per RAV4. I have no doubt this is exactly what it will get! 🙂
  7. Thanks - I need to check for this, though I did look before and couldn't find anything I thought was "P"-related! 😊 - which I had thought was odd at the time!
  8. Having said that, if I'm wrong, do please let me know! 🤔
  9. It's really irritating - you can switch off the "Assist" part, so it doesn't brake for you but the sensors still insist on trying to assist you! And the warning message comes back 10 seconds after you "acknowledge it". 😡
  10. My car's in at this very moment having 4 sensors replaced.... will see...
  11. Seriously?! In the metal bodywork!? I wouldn't be happy... 😱
  12. Great to discuss these things. Will do and I'll be back in touch 👍
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