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  1. I didn't realise you could route trace, interesting...
  2. Anyone fitted mudflaps to their NX 2018 on? How easy? There's a little gap of paint behind each wheel that's not protected by plastic and they're worrying me.... 😳
  3. I haven't an answer to your questions I'm afraid, but as a new F Sport Takumi pack owner, I'm interested to know if you find out 👍😁
  4. Like Daniel suggested - I would probably tweet to them at @LexusUK and @lexus to get their attention - and ask them where to send your complaint. Their customer service number is 0345 129 5484. Or you can complete the form at
  5. I can't help thinking that you should be sending your words to Lexus Customer Services rather than just the dealership!
  6. Ok, so the Mark Levinson audio apparently has 14 speakers in the NX (on the grades in which you get ML). I can only find 12. See the image below. I can only see 12 in that too.... Anyone?
  7. I don't think this is in the manual as applicable to the FSport. It's supposed to only apply to the Takumi grade now (which is now the top grade in 2019). Ie. Only in cars with seat memory.
  8. Hi all, Yes, seems this feature is available on the F-Sport, without the Seat Memory function. How to do it? Well, this is how I did it... 1. Start the hybrid system and keep your foot on the brake. 2. Put it into reverse while keeping your foot on the brake. 3. Press the R or L button on the door mirror switch. The mirror will probably shuffle a bit and stop. Move the mirror into your preferred position when reversing (eg. down towards the ground). 4. Switch to the other mirror and do the same, all while still in reverse but holding the car still on the brake. (I don't know if there's a way to do this without the hybrid system running.) 5. And here's the thing - leave the switch in the R or L position (not centre), and the settings you've set will take effect every time you put the car in reverse; and reset to normal position when not in reverse. Voila. Steve
  9. Ok, I'm a little confused (easy to do) but in a happy way. I have recently acquired a new NX 300h F-Sport with Takumi Pack. I believed that the function whereby the door mirrors dipped down so that you could see the kerb when you're in Reverse, only worked on cars with the Seat Memory Function - which the F-Sport doesn't have. Then today, I was playing with the mirrors and seem to have managed to switch on the function. I can explain how I did it if anyone wants to know, but I wondered - was I wrong about not being meant to have it, or have I "discovered something"...? 🤔 Thoughts?
  10. Have to say that that wasn't my experience when I tried it - I have got wifi working now, but I will switch back and check. As for your latter question, it's not really the Street View, more petrol prices etc. I used the SV as an example.
  11. Yes, but as established, the Bluetooth connection doesn't provide all the services you may need, eg. Street View and Petrol prices...
  12. OK - so I sorted this. I installed an app called MacroDroid on my phone - which is a brilliant automation app. I created two rules - one "If Bluetooth connects to Lexus", then "Enable Hotspot" and another "If Bluetooth disconnects from Lexus", then "Disable Hotspot" - so simple and works perfectly. 😄 😄 Happy bunny.