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  1. Fantastic... what I like to hear... how many miles had it done when you px it !? 🙂
  2. Hi... been a bit busy house viewing & buying (Leighton Buzzard)... lol... it’s the perfect colour/year & wheel set up for me... if it’s still around in a couple of weeks then I’ll be popping up there... I got a GS450H (2012)... so just need to see if I want to px or sell/buy.
  3. I PM’d you but not sure if it’s gone through... but yes... please give me any knowledge you have... Thanks !! 👍
  4. Thanks everyone... much appreciated... I’ll still test drive it but give it a really good looking over... Red is the colour I’m most after... though white is close second... & after DRL’s plus 2012> give better warranty length !! 👍
  5. ... just wondering on your thoughts... or possibly a similar swap like GSH > GSF/RCF !? 🙂
  6. Thinking of possibly buying this... will be arranging a test drive soon... did it used to belong to anyone in here !? 🙂
  7. This is how I got the GSH totally standard... & now !!
  8. Hi everyone... so I used to have a IS300H Premier in Mesa Red... loved it... then saw a GS450H Premier in Crimson Red... like that as well so ran both deciding which I’d keep... anyways IS300H went & GS450H stayed... & have slightly modded along the way... lol !! Now I’m getting an itch for a IS F... in red... lol... but White will suffice !! Anyone know anything about these 2... im looking at 2010 onwards... ideally the 2012> with the DRL’s... but 2010 if it has USB/DAB !! Quick question... do any of the IS F’s have BSM & folding mirrors when locking/unlocking... or can these be swapped out for say IS300H ones !? Cheers everyone
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!