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  1. And Like the LW Forum I .will remain true to my word . That's my last word here as well . waffles is not my type of meal .
  2. Yes you really need to remove the hub !look at the photos above .
  3. You give little info on your setup , both provider service package , . etc Also no information on your hardware . It is impossible to make an informed diagnosis without infoermation . Speedtest your internet on all devices and see what is happening with nothing else open . Go from there .
  4. I did the rears ......the fronts should be ok as there is a different setup with no shaft ...therefore no or little corrosion .
  5. You definitely need them replacing if there are filings ..........................good luck!
  6. I concur. with this ..............disregard any non standard marks that have been put previosly and use the tiny marks on the pulleys and back plate
  7. Just googled this for info P2714 is a problem in the SLT solenoid. I had the same problem. Eventually i opened the pan, replaced the SLT solenoid+atf filter+atf fluid+pan gasket. Now the car works fine about 5,000 km P2757 LEXUS Possible Causes What does this mean? Dirty transmission fluid Faulty line pressure solenoid valve SLU Line pressure solenoid valve SLU harness is open or shorted Line pressure solenoid valve SLU circuit poor electrical connection Torque converter clutch Valve body is blocked
  8. First thing I would do is clear all codes on Techstream . Then reset the Engine and Transmission to defaults . take her for a run and then recheck . It is possible that they will disappear. If they reappear then you can use the utils on techstream to check various operations of the transmission . If this does not make the codes go away , then I would look at the transmission oil as possible cause . I wonder if the Lexus Techs did any of this ?????????
  9. Its a complicated piece of kit and full of wires to all the solenoid bodies that are sitting just above the the oil pan level . Not necessarily to the slipping the torque converter is supplied with oil from the sump and as long as there is enough not to cavitate it wont slip . At 130K the WS fluid needs replaceing by the cycle method . It can function longer and does in many transmissions of the A760/A960 E types , but at 50 K its pretty dirty ...................I know been there a few times !
  10. Yes , but the malfunction and subsequent code flagging can be the product of incorrect level fluid or its condition . Those codes in the main relate to the valve body of solenoids in the transmission . .
  11. If you notice I never used Flush.......... only Cycle . Please look at the youtube video . and it all becomes clear . What I am advocating is the fluid cycling to replace as much as possible ( i do it 4 times ) then the final level check .iaw the procedure . Then if he still has fault codes ... you go from there !
  12. Incorrect final level checking on this transmission can cause various symptoms from notchy changes to gears not even selecting .There are multiple solenoids ( electrical) hydraulic in the transmission which can malfunction if the fluid level is not within spec. So it is imperative that the procedure is followed precisely . This is an elimination process in the case of the original snag ! A960E.pdf
  13. Mark , This is NOT a FLUSH in the traditional meaning . It is a procedure to cycle the oil , replacing appox 2 litres at a time to cycle the oil through the system . It was Lexus Belfast that origionally caused my issue ., and there so called technicians. The procedure is a proper procedure provided by LEXUS , the manufacturer. I would add , I am 68 .... Was a qualified aircraft engineer . Then changed to Electronics in the 80,s and during all my years did varios projects with cars , engine and transmission rebuilds , so take your choice what advice to follow Tr Fill.pdf
  14. He need to eliminate that there is a fluid issue before going any further . Without techstream and a logical approach he is useing the scatter gun technique of diagnosis !!!!