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  1. they have always been at the top of the servicing money tree. Yet in a lot of dealers here they were serviced in a joint Toyota / Lexus workshop , but different prices . the top brand models demand a premium price for both car and service .
  2. I think that the thought behind it is "If you find a sheep ...shear it " The Perception is that most Lexus owners have money to spend , so we will rub it i n.....................
  3. My cabin inlet sensor was left disconnected after airbag was replaced and gave a similar symptom . I found it myself . its in under the steering column fairing to the left . there is also a rubber servo pipe to it from the heater box so check both . There is a little aperature/ grill where it is as it senses cabin temp
  4. Good choice ..........................or an outback ..................
  5. enjoy .......................hopefully on this side of the dyke!😬😂😂😂
  6. i dont have it any more .................. crv ex for winter with cross climates 😜
  7. Im afraid braking in any car in slippery conditions is a difficult one ! . Xmode in the snow will do all of that thinking for you , but its down largely to your tyres . I have found that Michelin Cross climates meet most conditions , both summer and winter with good results . They are snowflake marked so can be used as a winter tyre in places where it is mandatory . I reckon if I lived in Knocando thats what I would have ... A forester on Cross Climates .....................and of course a 12 bore to fend of the locals !!!!😎
  8. Its more the way the Subaru symmetrical AWD works that matters Ritchie . A lot of "so called" 4 wheel drive do not cut it in the snow . Yes it is CVT and you have a system called Xmode which is fantastic . You really should go to a dealer and try one . I sat in an outback premier recently and thought to myself ...........this is as plush as a Lexus !!!!!!!!! there you go .... I love the Lexus premium feel , but actually the Subaru is lovely these days !!
  9. I think about 20% share financially but I cant see Toyota using the boxer and symmetrical AWD system .They have not as of 2021 . For the sake of the thread on winter driving . I bought a Subaru in 2010 because my GS450h was marooned at work .I just could not get from home or back . I drove the forester and the amount of drivers I saw stranded was quite funny . Slithering around on the least of inclines . The forester just literally drove past them with ease as they floundered . I sold the 450h after 6 months .
  10. No John .Subaru are totally their own design . They have an equal 4 wheel drive distribution system which is really good in offroad and snow /ice with the right tyres of course. They also have an X Mode which works to assist the traction . Having experience in both I would highly recommend them for those in harshish environments. They dont have the Lexus name , but far superior for rougher terrain driving . They are very nice machines to drive as well .
  11. Your choice ....................only advice ............... but why not get a more capable vehicle for the terrain ...................
  12. Get a subaru forester .............. best car I ever had in the snow . 4 wheel drive (2+2) on CRV is not bad either ,I was at Kinloss so know what the weather up there is like . All round I would go for a forester with Michelin Cross Climates (superb in winter and great in summer as well ) All the IS200 . IS250 ,GS450h . were all crap in winter ice and snow . The SC I have now is only a summer car so will not use it in snow . FORGET the badge and get a car suitable for the type of weather you WILL meet .The forester is a real nice vehicle to drive and just as prestige's as the lower
  13. Now now Linas .......behave yourself !!!or ill have to correct you .........................again !LOL
  14. Well Bal whatever you chooose I hope you enjoy your car ............... and the forum !
  15. too late now but you can buy the proper filter wrench with the correct amount of flats for very little money . I have one for each of the cars I own ........... SC filter is 73mm 14 flats OEM This is probably your best course of action !
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