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  1. And welcome to 'Our World' It is just 12 months since we bought our S3RX450 , and what a wonderful move it's been. I still enjoy the simple act of driving him, (all my cars have been male), the technology is just too good not to enjoy, and as I'm never in an hurry*, driving to improve the mpg has almost become an hobby. The blasted Coronavirus has severely curbed our 12 months mileage (3,500!), and the next 12 months looks though it will be none to substantial either, but I take great pleasure in every mile that I do drive: (and avoid rush hour, avoid London and the Home Counties and try to avoid the eedjits). *Hurrying: the idea scenario is that the very next time I'm in a vehicle that's hurrying - it'll be on its way to an hospital, I cannot think of anything else I want to rush for)
  2. Just make sure your partner isn't trying to take a 'Selfie' on the motorway at the same time - - or there could be a 'falling out'!
  3. It is indeed - - But to make one oneself will cost a deal more!
  4. And it's worth joining as a Gold Member just for that discount (as well as relaxing in that sumptuous self-satisfaction of being 'at one' with a number of other Lexus nutters Gold Members)
  5. Oh dear! I can't help with advice, but can only offer sympathy You (don't) kneed bad luck like that!
  6. I don't blame you for feeling rage Aaron, just check with your neighbours to see if anyone has CCTV of a suspect ...(you never know!) Like you, I live at the end of an extremely quiet road, and I've resigned myself that come the day when some little scrote helps himself to my Cat., then I will have a piece of pipe made to replace it, without a cat. - for what isn't there cannot be stolen!
  7. Hmm - 'your' seller appears to stock more than one variant (and this) of this 'bulb', and unless I've missed something (which is most likely the case) - I assume they are both compatible, but simply of a different chip layout?
  8. Good news Simon - - and appreciate the update. Should my rear washer jet block at any time in the future - - I'll invite you round to clear it! 😁
  9. Your answer's here Jeff: UPDATE! Apologies for the 'bum steer' with the wrong thread. (Note to self: "Pay more attention to the model details!")
  10. You wouldn't be the first - - - (! Ooops!)
  11. I know the Cornish roads are notoriously narrow and twisty, and that the high sides and walls are notoriously unforgiving (don't ask me how I know!) but this incident is a corker! I would think a crane and straps may cause a great deal of (more) bodywork damage, - I think Barry's wall demolition suggestion may be optimum
  12. Keith, - I feel for you. This is an important responsibiity to take on and more particularly when one is embroiled in the shock of an MOT. I trust that you have the support and care of those nearest and dearest to you, and that they also understand the undoubted shockwaves to your emotional substructure. Tread carefully (clearly I mean drive carefully!) for this impending new relationship may take time to develop and flourish, you'll need to lear each others' likes, dislikes, foibles and fantasies. Learn the best way to caress her, be gentle, love affairs aren't born overnight, but I hope you both have a wonderful and lasting relationship