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  1. I'll second that, three to four weeks before due date has frequenty appeared to be a "sweet spot" for quotes. It could show that one is organised, and also less desparate for quotes. Create your spreadsheet, then look at Compare the Market (etc) and get your quotes in, and also get quotes from the various insurers for different levels of voluntary excess levels too - and you'll start to appreciate their premium structure. It'll take a few hours - but it is your money your spending!
  2. Hang on in there Lann - - - be patient, research the insurance - it will be possible! !
  3. I strongly suspect it's your battery Steve. I had similar problems earlier last year - (wasn't using the car much in lockdown) - I persevered for a while, using a solar top-up panel, but when I replaced the batter - "et voila!" - - all was well, and the tailgate opened as she should! And no problems since
  4. My second car was a 1929 Austin 16 with a non-synchro box and 3 gears (AND a reverse) It's amazing how satisfying it is to match engine and road speed when changing up/down (down particularly) PS - - The car wasn't new when I bought it!!!
  5. Aye Barry - - they are programmed to do that - just to avoid the 12v battery losing too much charge
  6. Cheers John - - - - - I will - - besides - I do so few miles these days, that a wee treat of snake-oil will do no harm, I suspect that at worst it would only make the difference of a few drams of Laphroiag Lore consumed per year - - (and that doesn't go into the car's fuel tank!)
  7. Hmm - - - I may well try that too - - - - - - Thank you Marius
  8. I second what Barry has written. I bought a 2014 RX450 last year with 55k on the clock, and have not experienced a single shudder at any speed - (not that I've ever exceeded 70mph of course!) and we live at the bottom of an hill - - so there's plenty of slow and hill starts - and we've been gloriously shudderless. The seller needs to have a look at that issue of yours
  9. Apologies for my belated message, but nevertheless my sentiments are sincere - - - Merry Christmas everyone! And may we all have many more!
  10. I follow (mostly) the Money Saving Expert process every year - and it is fascinating to see first-hand how quotes will differ company by company. Now, the various comparison sites have slightly different form formats, and so I always, but always, make sure that I have a sheet of paper (I actually use a spreadsheet), with ALL the information that they are likely to require. Details of car, date acquired, expected mileage, (private/business), licence number, partner's details (if required), address, type & level of cover, excess level, etc I then set about contacting the various on
  11. Always great to learn of new members - - I've not been here for long, and yet have learnt a great deal just by browsing here regularly. Welcome Alan
  12. Get a number of quotations from agencies like'Compare the Market dot com' and you'll discover how widely varied the quotes can be
  13. Ahah! That's Southern motorways for you! In t'North, on us proper motorways, where we are chased by whippets, and the Traffic Police still use Lotus Cortinas, and the (solitary) motorway services still sells hot dogs for 1/6d - we don't get none o'them traffic jams either - so we's able ter drive flat out at 60mph without a care in t'world. That's how we get 34 mpg. (But don't tell anyone - 'cos they'll all want us peace n quiet)
  14. Our 2014 RX450-F has turned in 33mpg around town in the summer, (and currently 31mpg) Motorway journeys (rare for us this year!!!) rewarded us with 37mph. I am a gentle driver, - [I have no reason to enter the 'Traffic-lights GP' norfeel the need prove my virility ) - but if, purely for reason of sheer enjoyment, I give it an hefty squirt down the road, I realise that a couple of tonnes of steel, moving quicker that it should (!), will have an healthy appetite. But the car - big, bold, understated, comfortable - is a winner.
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