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  1. Quite agree with your suggestion Ray, (or use a powdered PTFE (equally good))
  2. I've used tghe Continental Premium 2 on my (previous) MB S500 LWB, and they were excellent, handled speed, ridiculous acceleration well, and were quiet, lasted 30k+ too
  3. For the first time, (and a racing certainty - the last time!) I introduce a 71" x 41" (Note - a proper measurement system!) oak table (legs unbolted!) into the car without any difficulty. At that point, when turning off the ignition, the driver's seat would normally return to default position (furthest back) - which would have caused a problem - for there was insufficient clearance behind. A simple touch on the 'Forward' switch on the side of the seat, prevents the return to default without upsetting the memory settings for normal (sans load) driving.
  4. Such an image maust be extremely satisfying! Well done!
  5. Frank, As Piers said - thank you for the update - and I too hope all goes well...... I have a thought that owning an RX is just like owning a cat - we don't own it - - it owns us!
  6. Forgive me, (for I've not fully researched your question) - but I would contact these chaps.....
  7. Indeed. I sought quotations this year 28 days before my (then) current insurance expred, and to start ONE DAY BEFORE my current policy end-date. The best quote was from my (then) current insurer, the new quote was £382 The renewal quote (for the then current) policy was £442 - (from the same insurer!) So I bought the policy starting a day earlier, (and received £65 cashback from the rebate house.) Am now in beer for an extra week (or so) 😊
  8. Effectively, what Swinton are doing is 'trying it on'. A discussion with them will do you no harm at all! The other option you have, of course, is to simply cancel your current policy, (for which they will probably charge you £50 cancellation fee, and they are then required to return the balance. You can then buy a new policy from whomsoever you wish. I would also suggest you use a cashback/rebate company (suchas Quidco or TopCashBack, (I shop around every year - and have always had a rebate of between £50<>£80 doing this. (it will take 4~5 months to get the rebate - but it pays for the beer!
  9. Ken - - - - Oh how I wish you were mistaken - alas - you're correct! Thank you. (I shall maintain a degree of embarrassment, and quietly but firmly abuse myself in the corner of the room)
  10. Herbs - you're substantially more discrete that I would be.....
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