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  1. In my 2014 450RX F - over 3000 miles in the last six months of mostly town driving I've achieved (a fairly careful) 30.2 mpg, My only excuse is that they are nearly all journeys <5 miles, and I live at he bottom of a hill! - so every journey starts with an 'Up'!
  2. Clearly Lexus Woodford are staffed by expertert sales people determined to win your custom, having previously quoted you "my local main dealer has just quoted me £384! " The next thing they'll do is "Make you an offer you can't refuse" (which may or may not involve an horses head on your pillow!
  3. Good to know that your car is going swimmingly 👍
  4. I used the Meguiars pack on my previous car (Merc S500) and the job was easy and effective
  5. Ah! The Group Hug reigns supreme: Bristol, Cardiff, Canterbury, Gatwick, Tunbridge Wells and at our newest centre in Maidstone The company director names are listed on Companies House of course...
  6. I don't suppose this fix works on old knees, hips, thumbs (etc) does it?
  7. It's inclooded with the auto-navigation package - - - It's where one sits when reading the paper
  8. I'm in danger of appearing flippant - - - - - but does that button illuminate the yellow arrow beneath it?
  9. I realise that white SUV's are ten a penny - - - - But I DO like our Arctic Pearl!
  10. It's the same on my 3rd Gen RX - - I assume it's simply poor programming on Lexus' part
  11. They want to bathe in your reflected glory or: They want to reflect in your bathed glory or: They want your reflection in the bath (Edit - ignore the last one please)
  12. Full marks David. Well done for taking the time and research to make sure the jobs were carried out correctly, and many thanks for sharing your experience with us A worthwhile lesson indeed.......
  13. Barry - - -- If your Occultist has been speccing your sun glasses, I suspect there's devilry afoot!