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  1. I just got Techstream and was testing it on my Celsior. Here's what I found. "Bumby road sensor" is that the reason for a soft ride 🙂 I guess that "Number of trouble codes" is caused by ASC-680 as when I drive it sometimes gives message: "Height HI" but only if I set car lower than normal height.
  2. I have been driving with those 19" wheels about 2000 kilometers. BigBoomer's answer seems to make sense.
  3. Ok, that makes sense if there's no sensors in valves. So the one deflating tyre is spinning faster than the others? There was one tyre with lower pressure,I put there same amount of air as in others and reset the computer. After that light came off and everything seems ok.
  4. But I have changed the different wheels(original 17" to chrome 19") and they have normal valves.
  5. I don't know how it checks the tyre pressure. This happened today when driving home from work. Japanese text says something like "incorrect air ratio"
  6. Yes the same, no tyre symbol on the dash. I just put that ASC680 in car and sometimes it gives the text "Height HI" on dash. Driving the car as in picture. I chose the UCF31 with reverse C as chassis (it should be the facelift model).
  7. I don't have any sensors on wheels so does it mean I don't have TPMS?
  8. I was wondering what are these switches? Didn't find them from LS430 manual .
  9. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I remove them as it's easier to clean the windows.
  10. Just got 19" chrome wheels . Need to get the car little bit lower. I have that ASC-680 waiting. Is it easy to put in car?
  11. Yes, and the maps are not very fresh like google maps or something similar from phone. And the car itself is quite good conversation topic.We Finns are not very talkative people to strangers but there has been several times that some guy has came to me like "What is this Toyota, where you got it from?" and stuff like that. Talked about an hour with one guy at market's parking lot.