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  1. I was wondering what are these switches? Didn't find them from LS430 manual .
  2. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I remove them as it's easier to clean the windows.
  3. Just got 19" chrome wheels . Need to get the car little bit lower. I have that ASC-680 waiting. Is it easy to put in car?
  4. Yes, and the maps are not very fresh like google maps or something similar from phone. And the car itself is quite good conversation topic.We Finns are not very talkative people to strangers but there has been several times that some guy has came to me like "What is this Toyota, where you got it from?" and stuff like that. Talked about an hour with one guy at market's parking lot.
  5. Good to know that it's more reliable than ML system. Do you know if it's possible to change the Navigation screen from LS430 to Celsior? I was also thinking to change navi for Europe but I guess it needs something else too than just Europen DVD. I tried to watch some DVD's but that DVD player might be area coded to Japan as there wasn't very clear picture. I'm taking the car to local Toyota work shop for oil change at the next week, they're also going to change the speedometer language to English
  6. No Mark Levinson so I guess it's that Pioneer system. Haven't checked exhaust that well yet.
  7. That's right.. No nice electric gadgets for the rear passengers. At least there's air purifier and that small (not cooled) box behind the rear armrest. But there is fusebox with fuses for rear seat heater etc. I was checking the subwoofer and it seems to be ok.
  8. Thanks. Yes I got message about ETC when I start the car that something is missing. I bought it through dealer(guy who imports cars from Japan to Finland) from Japanese auction at the end of March and it arrived in July. The guy made headlight conversion from rhd to lhd and took the car to registration inspection. After that I got it home. Now I just need to wait for the taxes to be paid(we have to pay car tax even for used imported cars) and after that get the final license plates. I had two Celsiors what I was bidding, other went 1000 EUR over my budget and this one was little bit under. I might try that cleaning for the Toyota badge.
  9. Thanks for the info. I like the black windows, that's one reason I made an offer in auction. Here is some interior photos and that sticker showing cam belt change. What are these? There's four of them in the winshield. Looks like that the emblems in my Celsior are painted
  10. Hello all! I got this car around a week ago. Rear windows are very dark and maybe that's why the rear view mirror don't get any darker(at auto position) if someone is driving behind at night. Is there a reason for golden emblems(special package or something) or is it just some option that you can choose between chrome or gold? Been trying to get familiar with the Japanese screen. I found a menu for parking sensors, I could adjust the volume and other things but this menu is strange... does the car have some kind of parking assistance? There is also menu for the rear view camera with two different options how the lines are drawn, curved or squares with colors(yellow, red and green) and the green one turns with steering wheel.
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!