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  1. Thanks for reply. Will look at link later. Cheers
  2. This might throw a curve ball or not. I am in a 56 plate RX400h, with 152,000 on the clock and today on a 160 mile round trip, had an Avg of 36.2mpg. No qualms or quibbles. If your budget is 8, how about buying something cheaper and keep the balance as a buffer in case you did need to get something done. If the paperwork backs things up. These just run. Just a thought. regards your opening post, there must be loads of other issues. hmmm not really. If anything, rear brakes can seize, why? lack of use basically. They have so little to do they do not get any exercise. When appropriate, I have taken to occasionally being quite aggressive with the brakes, just to make sure the rears get something to do. Lubricating the slide pins as part of annual service would be a good idea.
  3. As a slight digression. The RX400h must know I am thinking of changing as she put in a fantastic performance today on a 160 mile round trip. On board puter AVG MPG 36.2. For a 15 year old 3.2 V6 152,000 mile RX400h I think that is pretty damn good.
  4. No further posts from the poster that started the cvt debate. 🧐
  5. Good to read the replies. I can see they have a use, if limited.
  6. I found the same vid last night. I also tend to think the E often gets dropped in conversation. E-CVT and CVT are not the same, but used interchangeably. I believe the e-cvt in the new corolla is slightly different again. A sort of actual 1st gear before transitioning to normal.
  7. As the IS is predominately a luxury vehicle. Anyone use the paddle shifts and care to flesh out when or why you do?
  8. To echo a point made earlier. They bang on about the whine of a cvt but not an engine bouncing off the limiter. By asking for full throttle maximum acceleration. The ICE goes to max output and rev limit and stays there. Very efficient. In the mean time the CVT does it's thing to bring the road speed up to the desired/appropriate level seamlessly. The moment the desired speed is achieved. Foot off the accelerator, and lightly back on, ICE revs plummet. CVT again adjusts to maintain speed. Now in virtual silence as ICE is maybe doing 1450rpm @ 70mph (rx400h) By asking for full throttle maximum acceleration. The ICE goes to max output which is likely to be making far more noise, then a change of gear is required and the process starts again, regaining the lost revs due to the change. The moment the desired speed is achieved. Foot off the accelerator, and lightly back on, ICE revs reduce. ICE is maybe doing 3000rpm @ 70mph. Obviously talking petrol not diesel as Lexus do not do diesel. Does the CVT whine or is it the ICE? But how long does it last? Once up to speed. Noises off. Can the same be said for traditional, normal box, DSG or other wise. Talking to the converted here. But just needed to air that. Horses for courses. The IS is about luxury and arriving in style. (side observation, how few I have seen on the road. 1. Exclusivity!) I don't even have one yet, but I get it. I like my creature comforts. But, I am also happy listening to my MR2 (even fewer) sing it's own song. Edit Once the penny dropped in the Prius. CVT = linear delivery. In my urban commute world, 0-30 0-40 far more relevant than 0-60. To pull away from the lights and arrive at 30 - 40 seamlessly just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. The Prius,viewed by many as the slowest car in the world. Er, nope. I'm at the regulation speed before many have even grabbed for 2nd. Too late. Nothing to do with racing, but just sitting there at the lights, no ICE, utter silence and then 400nm of torque (if required) from 0 revs silently delivered in a linear manner. To think that was a 1.5
  9. Care to elaborate. Then again, I could see this requiring it's own thread. 125k Prius, cvt fine. 151k rx400h, cvt fine.
  10. Even more so when you consider a 10 plate 3.5 litre v6 rx450h is the same. Plate age does not concern me. But little juxtapositions/quirks like this, do make me smile.
  11. Thats interesting about the chassis setup. Rather an unexpected bonus. I like B roads. Esp in my other car. MK3 MR2 Roadster with a rare TTE turbo kit.
  12. Def going premier. Given my budget and by default age of car. I will be in the lower ved sector.
  13. I've completely lost track of it all. I just roll over and pay up to around the 300 mark. I accept that as part of my hobby.
  14. Just had a quick skim round. A lot seems to revolve around when 1st registration. Diff values for same model.
  15. @Lex_1988 Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned earlier, I will be aiming very much at pre owned end of the market. Plate age does not concern me. Mileage does not concern me much either. Reliability is a non issue. Taking those on board. I then do look for the top spec. The premier is my top choice. The drivers seat will be moving back and forth a lot so memory seats are high on the list. Not even sure what the differences are. Think prem = memory seats. Luxury = elec. Think I had made my mind up from the off. Premier. Your last paragraph sums it up really. Thanks.