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  1. Bought 1. Other side has been done. As you say, reliable. Ordered - dispatched - arrived in a very timely manner and well packaged. I hope I dont need anything else, but if I do.....
  2. And there in lies the issue. The Foot operated parking brake. That does attach to the backplate. It would appear mine is so poorly corroded, it no longer performs its function. If foot operated parking brake is applied, it does not release correctly. Leaving the parking brake shoes in the "on" position = hot disc. Not usually considered a good thing. I can see one has been replaced, I will replace the other. I make a point of not using the foot operated parking brake, but there are times it would have come in handy. All things considered, even taking in to account the price of the part, I still feel I have a lot of car for what I paid. The cost will soon diminsh in my mind as it is offset by the peace of mind knowing things are right.
  3. Apologies for thread resurection. But if someone wants to replace the backplate for their own peace of mind regardless of MOT, As per the thread title, where is the best (read cheapest) place to source. I can see som e in the UAE for £100 Or £200 from nipponauto spares UK Anywhere better?
  4. Does any one else feel the urge to up the tyres a couple of PSI. Just look soft and semi flat to me. Despite correct load rating tyres. Also. No service book with car. I have found the history via MY Lexus, but would like to know what wants doing when. Belts, plugs, coolant etc etc.
  5. Maf sensor before and after a clean. Well worth the 10 mins to do.
  6. Cheers for that. Any comments on They do a backplate for 100 less than I can find elsewhere.
  7. I have recently bought one and loving it. It was a toss up betweeen this and a GS450h. Slower, less MPG but more practical. Bought from a local car dealer. Having registered on MYlexus, the car has a lot more hstory than the dealer could provide. All Lexus Nottingham. Nice. Given the car is a 56 plate, it is 13 years old at best. I expect to have a few things to remedy. Which ever way you cut it, this is a lot of car for comparatively little money now. Despite the service history I have found, I have replaced the Air filter, cabin filter, oil and filter, so I know, what went in, when and with what. Parts approx £56. Replaced front tyres as well. The one thing that does require attention is the rear calipers and OS back plate. (surprise surprise) having looked up the cost of a budweg repalcement. Not worth messing about. Only had car 2 weeks, and 1st time in an SUV type vehicle. But can see the appeal. I had a gen2 prius prior to the RX and my other car is a Toyota MR2 Roadster. Chalk n cheese eh! So, as a new owner, are there any recommended sources of parts should they be needed? Cheers Jase
  8. Hello All. Just PX'd my Gen 2 Prius for an RX400h, a natural step along the hybrid path. 🤔 Checked myself and Alexa in at MyLexus and turn sout she has more service history than I thought. Nice. Regardless, any new car to me gets a service when I buy it, so I know what was done, when and with what. Air and cabin filter done. Oil and filte to do. Surprised to see a horizontal mounted filter and what looks like a catch chanel mounted below it. Would I be correct in thinking there would be minimal oil to come out the filter when released? Had the front tyres repalced this morning. Which seemingly has revealed a sticking caliper/foot brake issue. I do not use the foot operated parking brake. But the tyre guy did and the OSR has been sticking since. Arrgh! Was not sticking before so I'm thinking related to the drum brake shoes inside or mech might need lubricating - adjusting. No problem I thought. I'll just jack up, remove wheel and back off the adjuster. Nope. Failed at the first. My trolley jack does not go high enough to even remove the wheel. Doh! Just didn't fancy tinkering around on sissor jack. So gave up on that. Hey ho. Hada poke around undertneath. Was also surprised that the brake disc back plate had the same consistency of chesire cheese. Crumbly. 🙄 My other car is an MR2 Roadster. No jack issues there.🙂 After some research on here, sticky slide pins seems a good place to start and some basic brake maintence. I'm located in sunny Leicester. Any local owners that could offer some advice or recommend a reliable trusty worthy mechanic to sort the slide pins etc. I'm loathe to say toyota/Lexus specialist as this job should be well within the realms of a proper mechanic. The brake issue aside. What a car!!!
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!