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  1. Michelin cross climates are on my wife's Volvo XC90 which have been excellent - hence using them on the Celica which has really made the car confidence inspiring. However I, would recommend Bridgestone Weather Control as on the LS as they are even better in the wet and a lot cheaper than the Michelin tyres. Blackcircles have been cheap and even Kwikfit were good on the Celica as they had an offer on. I'm yet to decide what to go for on the MR2.
  2. Hey, guys I had a moment last night and brought a new car home! The seller asked if I was in the Doghouse. I replied that I live with one paw in and one paw out!
  3. Just added some new alloy wheels with Michelin cross climate tyres for practicality. I hope you like them?
  4. Slightly off-topic I just wanted to share progress on the Celica Mk7 project I hope that is ok? Changed the clutch Lowered with Eibach Springs Changed the oxidised headlights Changed the boot struts and retired the broomstick from boot opening duties Plastidipped the corroded wheels while new ones are on their way Added decals - striped from doormirror back to the rear lights and on the bonnet (they are coloured to match the new wheels) Fitted a front spoiler. Items booked in before Christmas'19: New Head unit with Android auto and a reverse camera New rear exhaust - Quad
  5. Hi Dan, Where did you buy the system? I need to control the ride height on my Ls too.. Sam
  6. HI, Brian I had a go at the fix but the problem persists. I want to buy the facelift covers and see if they help.
  7. Hi, Jeff and thank you. I do like the GS300s especially in dark metallic blue and silver. The car has covered about 126K. The paint has a lot of swirl marks which I have been slowly removing . The drivers seat is worn and needs refurbishment and there is wind noise from the driver and passenger wing mirrors. So it needs some work but I love the idea taking the time to bring it back to it's best. I always admired Lexus' cars but only now having lived with one understand why nothing else will do.
  8. Thanks, Vlad I was trying to recreate the GS300 Sport look but with turbine style wheels.
  9. The weather has been awful. I use the Ls for the school run so decided on the all-weather tyres. My wife has Michelin cross climates which are good but the Bridgestones are cheaper and just as effective.