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  1. I have a 2015 Advance Plus and there is no reversing camera fitted. I think, unless specified as an extra when ordering, that cameras were only standard on the Sport and Premier models for this year. It's a handy thing to have though but, like 'mad jam', I still found myself looking over my shoulders and using the mirrors when reversing in cars that have had a camera fitted. They get dirty quite easily in the bad weather too so can't be relied upon 100%. I did read somewhere in posts on this forum that there are companies online that can retrofit reversing cameras to a CT (similar to the original) for about £750. At that price I think I can learn to live without one 😊
  2. Bought my used ct200 advance plus in August and have just clocked up the first 1000 miles in it. heres my thoughts so far in the hope it will help other potential buyers just as this site helped me decide. This is my first ct though 3rd hybrid. The 2 main improvements after the facelift were meant to be ride comfort and to make the cot transmission more linear with actual speed. ride - there's no getting away from the fact the ride is on the firm side but certainly not firm enough to complain about. My previous car, a Mazda 2, is praised for its ride and handling and this car isn't that far removed from it. However, if the facelift is an improvement then I can see why pre-facelift versions could be marked down for this. linear transmission - had a first gen auris hybrid which was quite loud and thrash you when pushed hard ( same engine ) Lexus have made massive improvements here and the engine tone is much more refined to my ears. Drove A roads, B roads, motorways, dual carriageways and country lanes and the CT appears quite adaptable to all these...not just a city car! So far, the onboard computer is averaging out at 58 mpg. Happy with this and see no need to verify this with a brim to brim check. minor annoyances: The small fuel tank. At first, it appears the car is guzzling fuel until you get to the pumps and find it doesn't cost quite so much to fill up. Setting up the DAB radio is not user friendly at all. USB connector not practical. Why could this not have been fitted inside the arm rest storage like other cars? Luckily, I found a usb stick small enough to get the lid closed. overall though, very happy with the car and looking forward to many more relaxing miles of motoring. Finally, just like the to say the quality of service from my local dealer, Lexus Edinburgh, has been excellent. Hope this helps someone :-)
  3. Been following this forum for a while and have finally taken the plunge and bought a used CT200, pick it up next week. pic of car attached. I was holding out for one in blue/black but none around anywhere so I could be waiting a long time! knowing my luck, one will appear for sale next week now! this will be my 3rd hybrid, but my first Lexus so have now officially become a member of this club. looking forward to driving it and to the continued, great and helpful support of fellow members. eventually I'll build up enough experience and knowledge to help others 😊
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!