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  1. Are you using any child seat protector? Or is RX's leather sturdy enough? (assuming no isofix, seat is locked by seatbelt)
  2. Any good recommendations for north London? Thanks
  3. Would charger be taking any power without key being in? (I though they should be all off when car is off).
  4. I was in the same boat for the last month and after looking at about 5 options, picked the one which seem to be in decent condition. 2008, 68k (see picture). I bought it from trader which means that very little is known about car history. For start I booked Essential Minor service from local Lexus and was wandering - what else do I need to check? Transmission oil, any filters, wheels alignment (I noticed car is pulled to the left at very small speed in traffic)? Anything else you would recommend to check or service?
  5. I was looking for options to add Bluetooth into stock entertainment system. Grom seems to be a good solution, but it is a bit pricey. Does anybody have spare used one which you are able to sell?
  6. Thanks. Any ideas what maybe a little noise at a speed? Sounds very similar as if it was on off-road tyres (but it is not tyres as it has decent condition road tyres of reputable brand)
  7. Hi, I am in the same boat, hunting for a good Rx400h. I saw some good-ish example but was not sure about it being a little noisier at a speed than I would expect. Particularly at speed 30mph and more. What is the best way to check technical condition of the car? Can someone assist me with that? Or, can I bring it to Lexus so they can look at it? Location - London. Thank you
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!