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  1. I think your one was colour code 8J5 Dark Blue Mica. Nice.
  2. Yeah I know hopefully one pops up.
  3. White one. Had too many white cars in the past need a darker one😁
  4. Ok if I had the choice I'd go for black in black out. Last face lift model UZZ31 GT-LTD. 😁 May be right car will pop up. I've put a thread on the WANTED page just in case someone wants to sell. If you can keep an eye out if one pops up outside of this group do give me a shout. 😊
  5. Looking for a stock GT-LTD Soarer. Stainless steel exhaust be a bonus. Money waiting for the right car.
  6. Which one are you not keen on Neil?
  7. Unfortunately that's out of my budget. Nice white and tan leather,
  8. That was a UZZ32 he certainly had good things to say about it. 😁 I was offered a 32 then the guy did say honestly these cars are expensive to maintain and need a specialist if the anything goes wrong. Which was good off him. So know it's got to be v8 or TT. What would you buy V8 OR TT if you was looking😁
  9. That was a UZZ32 he certainly had good things to say about it. 😁
  10. Boring and keeping it stock😁
  11. Major Soarer surgery. Who's in Worthing and Gloucester
  12. Neil & PCM would you guys be willing to advise if I had any issues, as I think taking it to a local garage would be an issue not wanting to touch it. That's my main worry..
  13. I was planning doing that if I find the right car. Thanks for the advice Neil. 😊
  14. Looks like Its more of a ongoing restoration project that requires deep pockets.. Are parts readily available if so what other cars share the same parts?