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  1. So suggest to just clean the contacts. I check the rings whilst I'm at it. I've got a multi meter not sure how to do it.
  2. How can I check the resistance with voltage meter?
  3. The abs is kicking in at low speeds and slight juddering. May be a sensor. No fault codes though. I could measure the sensor readings any thoughts.
  4. Hello Is there can tutorial on replacing the abs rings on GS MK2. As thinking of replacing mine as they look quite worn. 😁
  5. Are these readings out alot, or near enough to factory spec.
  6. They printer was off the blink. So took photos instead. Are the reading o.k or totally out.. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Pressure all checked before doing alignment. All same speed rating. Tyres are same brand on front and both same brand on rears. There done it twice. Know there suggesting swap the wheels over first. The steering is sitting to the left and when I centre it pulls to right. Has anyone got the factory alignment specs. I try post a few pics.. I'm going tommorw but feel it's going to be a, waste of time..
  8. Kind of understand what your saying, never heard of anything like that before 😄
  9. Rock auto in the states are good price. Never ordered but heard good things. U. K not sure,
  10. Sorry I don't quite understand light stork, equal positions I bit lost there my friend? Quoted extra. ☺
  11. Lexus GSMK2 Had my alignment done twice. Mentioned twice that steering is not sitting centre, it sitting to the left and I have to centre it then it pulls to the left. They did do it second time same issue He did centre the steering with a lock then adjusted the toe. The camber he said the bushes in the lower arms no 2 rear were shot and couldn't be adjusted. Can anyone look at the pics and advise please.. 1st pic before they started and last pic when alignment done. And I'm sure he said caster cannot be done on these. Unfortunately there printer was off the blink so I just took some pics. If the readings are not right I will going in with the info. What are the factory alignment specs of the GS MK2. All factory standard.
  12. Cheers for the replies. I think I might have solved the issue. There was metal/coins in the centre arm rest. Emptied crap out it seems to be good at the moment. There a subsonic sensor under the centre arm rest anything metal causes the sensor to go off. I keep posted if it doesn't work.