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  1. Hi just wondering any clues as to what this will cost to fix..
  2. Hi there looking at GS430. The owner says it coming up with P1325 and P1651. I like the look of the car, but should I be worried about these codes? Ohh and the electrical aerial is stuck halfway.
  3. Hi guys thankx for the replies. So the bit that's rusts is the last section that joins to flexi pipes. So you wouldn't need to replace all the lines as that's a 'Biggy'. So worst case scenario is if the plastic side goes then it's an issue. John is this something you have had done.🙂
  4. Steve

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  5. Hi all looking to buy a GS 300/430 MK 2 really prefer the 430. Anyway I've seen one I like, but far from me. And the only issue it's got is the brake pipes call corroded on the MOT. So I guess at some point it's got to be done. Is this a major job and how much would it cost, any advice be Helpfull.🙂