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  1. Hi all just wondering if there's any members in Cambridgeshire or nearer county's.. Be good to meet up with fellow GS MK2 Owners.. as I ain't seen many MK 2 near me..😁
  2. What's the best way to inspect the rings. Is it a case of taking drive shaft off or is there an easier way😁
  3. Hi if the ring/rings are bad are they easily replaced if so we're can you can get replacement.. Found this site anyone else used them before, looks as though it's there speciality.
  4. Hi if the ring/rings are bad are they easily replaced if so we're can you can get replacement..
  5. Would it be ABS Speed sensor rotor you referring to..
  6. Thankx fir the replies. The pulsating pedal was always there and not as bad since new front discs and pads are done. I will get a run out of all discs, and get plugged in and get the teeth on the rings.. are they also called the reluctor ring?
  7. Hi GS430 sport. No runouts at all. Excuse my ignorance what is a runout and is it essential, were can this be done..
  8. Hi all brake issue every time I press the brake pedal I get a pulsating and grinding at the brake pedal and feel it on the foot🤔Work already carried out new front discs and pads, calipers good so my mechanic tells me. Any ideas I did read that the rear axel carrier bush could need replacing, any ideas.
  9. Any ideas on how to remove and refit this rear knuckle arm bush..
  10. Hi all passenger side Drip moulding wasn't sitting right, So i removed it and found a metal housing were the trim fits into it seems it's stopping the trim sitting flush onto the screen.. I think that the windscreen supposed to slot in there from the side then the trim sits on top.. any ideas or part number or name or part be very much appreciated.. just bought the car, tackling a few niggling problems. Ohh I also need drip moulding for drivers side as rubber or plastic has perished..1st Photo is the moulding not sitting flush 2 is the metal housing were the windscreen sits and the whole for the moulding 3 is it's kind of breaking. If all I need is to get this part then that's wonderful. If anyone's know what it is🙂
  11. Hi just wondering any clues as to what this will cost to fix..
  12. Hi there looking at GS430. The owner says it coming up with P1325 and P1651. I like the look of the car, but should I be worried about these codes? Ohh and the electrical aerial is stuck halfway.
  13. Hi guys thankx for the replies. So the bit that's rusts is the last section that joins to flexi pipes. So you wouldn't need to replace all the lines as that's a 'Biggy'. So worst case scenario is if the plastic side goes then it's an issue. John is this something you have had done.🙂
  14. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  15. Hi all looking to buy a GS 300/430 MK 2 really prefer the 430. Anyway I've seen one I like, but far from me. And the only issue it's got is the brake pipes call corroded on the MOT. So I guess at some point it's got to be done. Is this a major job and how much would it cost, any advice be Helpfull.🙂