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  1. Welcome aboard Phil. Down your way in March. Having a discussion with my wife weather to take the RCF or the Volvo 🤔.
  2. Yeah a bit tricky. I'm fortunate to have over 30 years in the body work repairs industry, so could go straight to it. The 2020 RCF rear bumper has been tweaked a bit to take the coloured insert. So it needed trimming to fit a 2015 bumper black section. I marked out a cut line to remove the tags which gave me a straight edge. Bit of filling on the edge just to create a better shape. (not shown here). Four bolts were fixed to the back of the insert with plastic repair glue and mesh. Drilled four clip holes at the bottom. Then paint and fit. Sorry. Didn't get all of the process
  3. My version of a 2020 rear bumper set up. Its a genuine Lexus insert from a 2020 RCF fitted to the 2015 rear bumper.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Happy motoring.😁👍
  5. The Bodyman


    Welcome Pete. Happy driving.😁
  6. Looks good. I'm ordering the 2020 coloured section from Lexus. Its £57.00 unpainted. See if I can make it fit the 2015 black section some how.
  7. Anyone up for the Quick Silver Exhaust system? Spoken to Quick silver today about some discount for multi buys. This was their reply: Good morning Jonathan, Thank you for your email. Last year we did run a group buy with the chaps from the RCF forums, where orders of 3x or more received 20% discount - they enjoyed them all! I am happy to extend this offer to you for an order of 2x systems. Each system would be £1504 +vat instead of £1880 +vat Please let me know your thoughts. Many thanks. Kind regards, Nat Its still a bit rich for me at this moment in time but if anyone else is interested let me know. Jonathan
  8. Good old Karl. He's back is he. He made contact with me when I was selling my F type. It may not be the same chap but he's asking similar questions.
  9. As I've mentioned before. I like the look of the 2020 RCF rear bumper set up. I think that coloured section lifts the look and breaks up black. Its looking like the 2020 rear bumper has changed slightly. Can't do an upgrade and fit the new 2020 black section into mine. Wondering if anyone on here has done anything with theirs. Mods or painting. Pic's if you have
  10. Hope you find your Lexus.
  11. Hi. Just seeing if there's is any interest in the following. I might not sell but for the right price, you never know. First of all. I have a front grille surround. This is the shade chrome in colour that surrounds the front grille mesh. This one a small paint fault. Not cracked just small piece of the shade chrome has come or chipped off. I know some people paint these bits black so this would not be a problem which leads me to the next bit. I also the bottom section of the front grille surround. This is the bottom section of the grille surround. Different colour to the shadow chrome more of a flat grey colour. So, If you were painting the surrounds or blacking out the grille area you would need this as well. This part has a few stone chips and that's why I changed it. I paid over £350 from Lexus for these two bits. If your interested let me know or make me an offer. I also have a set of floor mats. Used but good/fair condition. I'm very fussy and although these mats had only seen 17000 miles of used I bought new ones. PM me if your interested. Jonathan