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  1. I thought that's why they relaxed the rules to keep us at home.
  2. I'm sure there will be lots of vehicles with mot test gaps from this period. Shouldn't be a problem seeing what the country is going through.
  3. MOT is due 26th April. Anyway. Lexus reading is closed and that's where it was being serviced and MOT.
  4. Is this correct. Someone has told me that there's a six month extension period for those who's MOT runs out after the 31st of March this year?
  5. I've booked mine in with Lexus Reading. They won't move on the price. Been on line and it seems to be correct. Was hoping for some consideration seening as my RCF is lower on mileage than for its year. Could travel around but it would need to be worth the petrol cost. I'm in Oxfordshire.
  6. Ok. I have the extended warranty and needed a mot. That will save £49.00
  7. Just booked my RCF in for its interim service with Lexus Reading. £375.00. Does that sound right?
  8. I'm due down that way next week. Is anything open?
  9. That's about right. Weekends only 😪
  10. And what's wrong with orange 😆😆😆
  11. Wow. That's bad luck. Finger crossed for Saturday. 👍