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  1. Stow-on-the-Wold yesterday. Not the best pic as I used my wife's phone.
  2. As the heading is saying. I not using my RCF enough. I'm getting a bit board with just trips around the harbour and I have don't have a reason to drive. Its not used as a daily. No holidays planned this year. No road trips planned this year. It a waste of a beautiful car. Its not even reached 20,000 miles yet and I bought it last Sept with 17,500 on it. 🤥🤕 Not sure what I'm asking here! May be should I sell? What do you think?
  3. Now I like a convertible but would need to see it in the flesh. It will be a rare sight on our roads so that makes it a bit more attractive. Being a soft top you will hear the exhaust note more which is a good thing. Sorry. Colour works for me. 🥰😍
  4. I know this is the wrong section for this and should be talked about in the LC forum but what do us F owners think?
  5. Mine was booked in with a courtesy car but that was dropped.
  6. Hi. Yes I did. I had a service and MOT done so there for nearly 3 hours. They are two round booths with chairs and screens and there's an internet desk that looks out over the forecourt. Its all laid out to keep you 2 meters apart and I believe its one service appointment at a time. They charged me an extra £12 to sanitise my car.
  7. RCF serviced yesterday at Jamca Reading. Only me and one other having a work done there yesterday. The other chap was a morning booking. Mine was booked in at 3:30. Service manager told me the service department and workshop were open until 10:00 pm with no other bookings after mine.
  8. Mines in on the 1st for an interim service and MOT. Thanks to Toothy on here. Got the service for £230.00 with a free MOT because of my extended warranty. They were trying to charge £370.00 plus £55.00 for the MOT.