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  1. Hi all. Well. My RCF has a new owner today. I don't know who bought her because it was on a sell or return deal. Took about four weeks to find a new owner. May be it will turn up here one day. Keep an eye out. I will pop in now and then but that's it from me. Over and out. Jonathan
  2. Yours sir. Send me a pm for the collection details.
  3. Hi all. Having a clear out and these are up for grabs if any one wants them for free. Mats are in good condition and only replaced with new because I'm fussy. The grille surround has a few marks and stone chips. I'v seen these painted all black before so would be good for that. Collection only.
  4. Not available anymore
  5. Well. They never mentioned this when I bought it. Angles,fake exhaust. I want my money back 😫
  6. Sorry. Don't know the car but seems expensive. Seeing as you can get a RCF with less miles and newer.
  7. Don't you hate it when your mate shows off his new car 😟. Very nice 🥰
  8. I've got a set of refurbished RCF kick / scuff plates. They look good. Can send pic's if needed. £50. Collection only.