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  1. Seems like a reasonable starting point. I've been running at 35 which is purely based on what the previous owner was using. The rears have worn slightly more in the centre, and the fronts slightly on the inside edge, but nothing major.
  2. Thanks for that info - 54007001 is stamped on the wheel. I was actually just about about to retrieve the rest of them from the shed to take pics to sell them, but now I know they could've been the originals for my Mk3, I think I'll keep them for the time being.
  3. Thanks for the responses. These wheels have 225/55/17 Avon tyres fitted (although the spare has a 215/55/17), so it looks like someone has replaced them with an easier to find size. For awhile I did ponder whether to put the wheels back on my car as the tyres are hardly worn (and the tyres on my existing wheels needed replacing soon). But as I'm currently on 245/45/18s I didn't really want to take a hit on the handling, and besides I prefer the look of the aftermarket wheels (although I appreciate they're not to everyone's tastes). So I decided to stick with them.
  4. Hi! Although I've owned my '97 Mk3 for nearly 3 years this is my first time posting on here! When I bought the car it came with a set of Lexus 17" alloys (see pic). Does anyone know if these are the alloys that came with the DHP option on the Mk4? And were these alloys available as an option on the Mk3? I currently have aftermarket 18" alloys fitted, but was wondering if the Lexus alloys were actually the correct ones for my car if I ever wanted to revert it back to original spec. Thanks for any help!
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!