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  1. The rx fsport and ct are the wife’s she picks up new rx f sport next week
  2. Thanks D3ron i will call him. Also is there any lex fclub midlands meets??. Thanks shafiq
  3. Hi all , is there any gsf or fclub meets ???
  4. Hi mate thanks will delay and keep eye on it based on this information, really useful cheers
  5. Thanks mate, just want to get super showroom shine
  6. Hi people I bought my 2018 grey gsf from Liverpool lex December 2018 it had gen3 coating on purchase have picked up some minor scratches as well as bird poo marks should I ask Lexus to machine polish or get ceramic coating from specialists??? Any advice appreciated , I live Solihull. Thanks Shafiq
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  8. Hi people i bought my jan 18grey gsf from lex Liverpool in December 18. Brakes will not stop squealing!!! Slight scratches from bird mess it did have gen3 coating done on purchase from Liverpool. I live in Solihull but prefer lex Wolverhampton should I ask them to machine polish or get ceramic coating done by specialist any advice appreciated thanks Shafiq