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  1. Love the aggressive look, but it feels like they've used RCF parts with a new body kit. 472hp 395 lb.-ft torque 0-60 in 4.5s The same 8 speed gearbox from previous units, it seems. Can't wait for the LCF and LSF if they make it.
  2. I think its a similar procedure with the E-brake, be careful though, its verrrrry tail happy in that mode even with MP 4s.
  3. If you want to truly turn off trac and stability 😉 Works on the ISF too, unsure on the GSF. How to Fully Disable Stability Control in the Lexus RC F
  4. Hey Dave, where did you get the interior LED's from? Always wanted to do this as the yellow interior light makes it look very dated.
  5. Aviva, by far the cheapest (for me). Only been driving/had my license for 3 years, went from a 1.5 Honda civic to the ISF. Insurance is cheaper than the 1.5 Honda LOL. Mods are sometimes free to add on i.e. my muffler delete.
  6. Thank you Scott for the pictures! Looks better than OEM. Have you noticed any difference in sound?
  7. Let us know the difference it makes and how much did it set you back?
  8. I've seen the car go past in nearby areas, glad you told him to join!
  9. The RCF brakes are grooved not drilled and are larger in diameter so different to ISF. EuroCP don't do brakes for the RCF - Try lexuspartsdirect for prices:
  10. Full 60k Service is £920 but with your gold membership you can get 10-15% off iirc. Double check the brake disks and pads as they can add up. Check for any leaks, anything that looks out of the ordinary, panel gaps, colour differences, correct and same brand tyres on each axle.
  11. Just saw a Red ISF driving around in the "Ilford" area. Anyone on here? #Fly
  12. IIRC there's about 8 '12 models. My13 are very rare!
  13. I don't think insurance were involved - the description says "unrecorded and will not be recorded". Red flags everywhere!
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