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  1. Gone are the times when you could buy a bulb from most places for under £15. I've heard really good things about the osram night breakers! £40 cheaper from carparts4less (sister company of ECP)
  2. Haha Touche! That's quite a distance though, just looked at the map. Just had the back boxes removed on the car and now sounds like a V8 should albeit a little drone at 2k rpm. I see the wax is holding up fine too 😉
  3. Yeah that's mine - I wouldn't call it Ilford tho 😝. I leave it front facing so people can't really tell what it is as the exhausts are a dead giveaway. Are you local?
  4. Is the Grey one always front facing the street? Depends where in Ilford! There's a chap on YT with an 08 ISF in the Goodmayes area too.
  5. No faults whatsoever, they did the MOT in the morning then did the 60k service straight after. If they had any issues with my dashcam, they had my number - could have phoned. But due to it being concealed behind the mirror, I don't think many people notice it. Lets see how this goes.
  6. I had a similar issue albeit not on a Lexus. It was on my Honda Civic, check the battery. If its low on giving voltage it gives funny signals to your car's electronics. When the PS fails, if you then the car off and back on again - does the issue persist?
  7. To answer everyone together, thank you for the advice. I'll be taking this up with the manager then go from there. I'll keep everyone posted. @Martin F Not too sure mods would allow me to name and shame the dealership, if im wrong then ill update this. @Herbie I've got everything recorded on my dashcam. From the moment I dropped off my car to when I collected it. The only thing it didn't catch was the servicing as the car was turned off. The car was sat from 11am - 4pm, so yes the engine was cold. Of course its a good thing but I don't expect my car to be used like that. @Texas Unfortunately for me, the car has to be dropped off at the dealership. A Lexus employee then drives it to their garage to start the service then driven back.
  8. If you gave your pride and joy; to a Lexus dealership to service. They didn't disengage the handbrake, didn't wear their seatbelt whilst driving on public roads and on the way back to the dealership, took your car to redline or there abouts assuming a cold engine then brakes before a speed camera. What would you do?
  9. I'm really happy to see such a age range on this community! Yeah i'd give it about 5-10 more years before everything turns "eco".
  10. Always been a fan of the Supra, what version did you have? Could you imagine the 2JZ in the ISF 😉
  11. I stand corrected! I'm not the youngest 🤣😂 How did you find insurance?
  12. Curiosity may have killed the cat but; As the title suggests, what age's did you aquire your F V8's? If you don't feel right about stating your age, a range would suffice. I think I may be the youngest ISF owner on LOC/In the UK at 26. Mods, let me know if this violates any rules. I'll delete.