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  1. Hi again, just bought new parts however I think that I will need to buy new screw that holds it in place (the one in the middle) and here is the question. Where I can get one ?
  2. Thanks guys, I just thought that boot lift itself up while push the button. No need to spend money on it 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, first of all I want to say thank You for quick and helpful respond, great people 👌 My boot is not lifting itself up when push the button. Im thinking that might be a weak strut. How about You guys ? Or that's just me 😜
  4. Tommorrow Im going to Lexus Cambridge for hybrid battery check. Will ask them how much would it cost to replace there. Hope will not kill me...
  5. Oooo sorry I've missed it. Thank You very much for help. Will try to find it online, any good Japan parts online shop in the uk that You can recommend ?
  6. I mean the thing which goes to this hole and link it to the wheel 😛 I'm sorry for my fully professional description
  7. Thing is that some of auctions shows tracking rod end without ball link, just the piece of metal with the hole at the end. I've never seen links like that. Would You be able to find them for me please ?
  8. Hi, everyone my name is Chris and I'm happy owner of my GS450h 2007. I need help, yesterday I've been into garage to do tracking cause car pulls to the left slightly. What mechanic has discover is that tracking rod ends (ball links) has leaking grease. I'm trying to find right part everywhere online but cannot find any, obviously don't want to pay too much at Lexus garage for replace. If any of You could help me with that... Would be fab !! :)
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!